Trump ♥ Putin

Trump ♥ Putin

What do you call a man, who’s willing to gamble the future security of the world, for his own personal gain? What do you call a man without scruples, without compassion for the disadvantaged? What would you call a man who has so much trouble being truthful himself, that he’s taught his family how to lie indiscriminately. What do you call a man who’s instructed all of his companies to be as deceptive as he and his family are? What do you call someone who flagrantly flaunts the law, through this deception? And then claim that he’s being picked on. I think I hear a cry baby. (Bullies often are nothing more than cry babies.)

I know what I call a bully like this. I call him Trump. I can see straight through this swindler. He’s nothing more than a presidential con artist. A president who’s willing to be buddy-buddy with Russia (intimately). Actually, our President looks up to the Russian president because he wishes he could have that kind of power. This is a country that Trump trusts before he trusts the US. He actually puts their intelligence above his own country’s intelligence, so he trusts them before he trusts us.  In Trumps eyes, there seems to be more validity in what Russia has to say than what his own country says.  It seems that he accepts their lies like he wants us to accept his lies. This tells me how little truth there is in Donald Trump’s world.

With that little amount of truth that exists in his world, how much of it is made up of lies and half truths? Since we all know how much we can trust Trump, that gives me a good indication of how much we can trust the party that put him in power. I don’t trust anybody in the Trump family as far as I could throw papa Trump himself(and we all know how big he is). It also gives us a really good idea of how much we can trust this administration or what it accomplishes or has accomplished.

He has produced exactly the quagmire predicted by him during the campaign. He predicted that his opponent would be investigated all of her time in office distracting from the nation’s business. This is exactly what has happened, except it’s happening with him. This makes me wonder what else is he telling us about his habits by claiming someone else does them.  The only reason he made that claim is because he does it himself. This is your first hint to his crimes. He’s done it in the past, he’ll do it in the future. It’s his nature, he can’t help it and at 71 years old, he can’t change. He told everybody what would happen to her, if she won the presidency, by claiming that Hillary would be spending her time defending herself. He’s now doing that very same thing, defending himself, just what he accused his opponent of doing. It’s a key ploy that bullies use, which brings us to the new world that Donald wants us to live in. It alludes to why Donald likes Putin so much and why they get along so good. (Bullies of a feather flock together.)


Donald wants to control as much as he can. It’s bully nature. The nature of bullies is to control as much as possible. This points to why bullies are so narcissistic. It’s in their nature. I think, this is what happens to babies that aren’t loved. It seems that they always have to try harder to get the attention they need and how they get it, isn’t all that important. Isn’t that how our president acts?

The Affinity of Bullies

He looks up to Putin. Trump trusts Putin before he’d trust his own wife. This was clearly evident in how good he got along with Putin, another bully like him, except that Putin is far more successful in his bullying due to the fact that he controls his country. Trump doesn’t control his, especially like he thought he’d  be able to. And what control he has shown has proven to be very questionable.

Buyer’s Remorse from Trump’s Election

I’ve never seen as much buyer’s remorse than what I’ve seen since this president’s term has started. He’s accomplished little to nothing and stands less of a chance of accomplishing anything for the remainder of his term, if he lasts that long. He must have thought that the presidency was an easy job when actually turned out to be a just a job above his educational grade (which appears to be less than elementary).  His educational level is indicated by his propensity to tweet. His tweets prove his lack of education, except in how to use Twitter. Narcissists and egomaniacs have to draw attention to themselves any way they can, it’s their nature.

People in the wrong spend a lot of time defending themselves. People in the don’t transgress don’t need to defend themselves, even when they’re wrongly accused. Who do you know that likes to accuse people of crimes with no proof? People who’ve done no wrong won’t even defend themselves until they have to in court, which is always brought by a plaintiff with little to no evidence. Defending ones actions is best left for the guilty. The innocent have too much to do to be bothered by defending themselves for something they didn’t commit.

This is why Trump has actually spent more time defending his actions and decisions than anything else. Why else would he be on Twitter defending himself a 3AM? I don’t remember Obama doing that. But then, he never had to. Only the guilty need to defend themselves like Trump is doing. Obama was a popular president except to the far right and the right loaded media.They did as much as they could to not allow him to accomplish anything. They even bragged how they’d try to keep him from accomplish anything, yet they failed.

They’ve learned, however, how to sucker the American people into believing that what they need in their lives is to be afraid of change.  (Make America great again?) Is not this a plea to return to old ways?  That kind of change, that puts us in reverse, can’t be a good change. If it’s the conservative party’s goal to instill fear in everyone, they just succeeded with me. But it’s not the fear they were looking for. This is a fear of those who instilled this fear.

Yes, I am afraid. I’m afraid of what Trump can do and what he will do. I’ve lived on disability for the better part of 25 years due to two severe strokes 34 years ago and nerve entrapment that I’ve lived with for 25 of those years. I’m afraid for my survival. You see, I’m one of those that Trump doesn’t like, the downtrodden. I’ve been this way ever since a drunk driver slammed into a car that I was riding in to put me in a coma for a month. I came out of the coma completely paralyzed and still live with some of that paralysis, today. Yeah, I’m afraid, I’m afraid for my survival and the survival of those like me, many of which served our country and are yet left fending for themselves with no help from those they gave up their freedom for.

Fear, the Foundation of Failure

Trump has built an administration on fear. Fear is not a good foundation. It’s actually a very crumbly one and I think that Trump knows this. I think he’s playing us like a poker hand, willing to gamble with money that’s not his, willing to take chances that he wouldn’t ordinarily make. Keep in mind, this man has already been in trouble with the law, with his business dealings. If that type of behavior got him into office, what’s to persuade him to change his colors? Donald has always used fear as a tool, just a terrorists do. Fear is what drives conservatism. That’s why conservatism is a dead end. Fear is a very low emotional tone and is controlled by more by what you eat, than anything else. (If you doubt this, read my book, An Ultimate Cure for the World. Better yet, go keto and lose your fear of the unknown.) Fear is too often used for personal or private gain. In our country, fear is most widely used by bullies and corporations to achieve their  own personal/corporate goals and aspirations. This practice of using fear, the kind that they like to impose on everyone, is the most clearest form of evil one can present. Actually, that’s the definition of terrorism. How much more evil can you get, than terrorism?

Does that mean that our current President is a terrorist? Some in his own country, consider Putin a terrorist and he’s a successful bully, Trump is a wannabe bully compared to Putin, so he has to work extra hard at his bullying to be better than his idol. Are we one of his attempts? I just got a sick feeling. This can’t end good if something doesn’t change (in the form of new leadership). This may be a time for impeachment and prosecution of treason.

That  is the only logical conclusion that I can ascertain from this presidency and it scares me, extremely. Now I’m hearing stories of collusion with Russians to smear Hillary during the campaign, which is exactly what happened. Now it makes sense. He is hiding something, but then when have you known Donald not to hide something. It’s his nature, he’s a real estate mogul. They always hide multiple things, as Donald has historically done throughout his career. Proof lies in all the trouble he’s been in with the law, in the past in his business dealings. That makes me wonder even more about collusion  conspiracy with Russia to collect the emails that were released.

I’d be worrying more about what’s in his past emails. How much illegal activities would we find there? This man has proven to be a crooked, lying, power seeking individual who cares nothing about the law, let alone anything or anyone else. We’ve already seen how ignorant he is of the law? He can’t afford to be aware of it. That takes too much time. He’s too wrapped up in himself to take the time to learn what he should. In his mind, he already knows everything and can’t learn anything new. Like Putin, he needs conquest  to feel important. This is why he admires Putin, the Conqueror. Putin can get away with that though, he owns his government, not the people. They only have the illusion of a people’s government. When the government controls the media they control the people. When the government can’t control the media the people control the government.

In our country everything is driven by profit. It’s the nature of capitalism.  And it’s corporate profit that drives our economy and media, and thus our government. Because profit is so important, it’s become the “end all”, the utmost important goal a company can strive for. A free market society has a tendency to do this and this is why Trump uses his companies as tools to achieve his goals. Why pay debts when you can bankrupt companies like he does. What message does that send to everyone about responsibility? What message does that  send about his honesty? With all those broken promises to pay, how can anyone believe this man?

This must be why he buys and bankrupts so many companies. They’re like toys to him. Now, he’s treating our country like another toy. I wonder if he’s going to bankrupt our country like he did to 6 of his companies. If this isn’t buyer’s remorse, I don’t know what is. I wonder how many other people feel the same way as I do. Why did so many people believe him, in the first place? I wonder if those people who said they believe in him, believed more in the fear he spread. That would make more sense, to me.

He’s certainly created more anger than any past candidate. Fear brings out anger, and that’s too bad. I would think that an educated person would know that.  Anger only serves the purposes of terrorists and bullies.  We know which one Donald is. I’m beginning to wonder if it’s both.  That is what tells me that Donald isn’t educated. His daddy must have bought his degree and diploma since Donald couldn’t have earned it himself. He just doesn’t have the intelligence to have done so.  He doesn’t even know how to stay quiet. He doesn’t have the capacity to be quiet.

Having to voice one’s self to defend oneself, as often as he does, is a sign of one who transgresses frequently. Sounds like typical behavior for a bully to me, doesn’t it, to you? That’s because he is a bully and that’s how bully’s are. They’re boisterous, pugnacious  and belligerent to say the least. Their innate desire to acquire more power just to prove their own worth to themselves. This is the nature of narcissism. It also the nature of bullies. That tells me that bullies are little more than narcissists. How many bullies do you remember from school that did good while they were in school? Were they smart, or just smart asses? What do you consider our president? Smart or smart ass, who loves to argue?

When is America and the Republican party going to learn that when you flaunt fear, you get anger, disgust, deceit and despicable behavior in return. Isn’t this exactly what we have right now in our government? It seems to me that our President’s name has become synonymous with falsifying facts. Before his term is up people everywhere will be saying, “did you trump to me?” “I don’t need your trumps, I need the truth.”

With the pace this man in disrupting our country, no one stands a chance of survival if he remains in office. Our country has never been looked down on, like it has, since he’s taken office. Across the world more people despise our country than ever before which can only lead to more terrorism, as fear inevitably leads to anger, anger leads to terrorism.

The greatest gift you can give anyone is their dignity. This man makes a practice of taking away people’s dignity. He’s an expert at it. This is indicated in his words. His words , in showing his lack of education, show exactly how he loves to demean people. Demeaning anyone takes no education, it only requires a personal desire for more power or money, both of which Donald loves to accumulate. This to me, proves the ignorance of what a lack of education can present in itself, as it’s done in our President. Stupidity breeds ignorance. Ignorance breeds fear. Fear breeds anger. It’s that simple and this president loves to prove his ignorance, due to his stupidity and narcissistic, bullying nature.

Does that make you think that he deserves to be where he is? If you do, then you’re complicit in our country’s demise. When shit hits your fan, don’t expect my help. I consider you more despicable than him because it was your vote that is ruining this already great country. In his attempt to make America great again, he’s destroying any resemblance of what’s made it great. Thank you Donald, but I don’t need or want your leadership or influence in my government. Save it for your own failed companies, you’re accustomed to bankrupting them. I don’t need you to do it to my government.

Obama’s success compared to Trumps disasters

If one were to compare the success that Obama had in his first two years to the success that Trump has had, there’s no comparison. Trumps done nothing but rescind as many of Obama executive orders that he can. That has only proven how ignorant and stupid his actions are. Are they constructive in any way? How can they be when they’ve proven to be destructive, as they have, in the past.

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