Terrorism, A Consequence of Past Actions and Choices

gallery-thumbnailsTerrorism by definition is the use of fear to achieve political goals. Although it’s done (as we see it) by mostly radicalized extremists for political purposes, it’s also done by the media and political candidates (in milder forms albeit), to procure and retain viewers and voters. It’s used to be done out of desperation. Now it’s done out of necessity.

Those committing acts of terrorism do it because they see no other alternatives for resolution of their differences.Their only goal is to instill fear in as many people as they can, to achieve their goals. I remember bullies in school when I was a kid who acted in exactly the same way. If anyone ever responded to their threats, they knew immediately that they had control over that person. They knew also that they had absolutely no control over anyone who didn’t react to their threats. If they never showed that they feared him, his threats were groundless. The best way to deal with bullies was always to ignore them. If no one paid attention to them, they lost their power.

The best way to fight terrorism is to ignore it and not yield to it. If you don’t fear it, it loses its value. When you show fear to terrorists, you validate their actions. That is aiding and abetting, in my opinion and it’s done by every news agency, when they broadcast the story. They have to. They do it under the guise, “the public has a right to know” and they do it for ratings. They have to create fear to keep their viewer tuned in. How else are they going to keep their viewer? It’s also done by political pundits, and even worse, candidates for President. This action, in itself, is aiding and abetting the terrorists by showing them that their actions are working to create fear.
Remember what FDR said in his inauguration speech, “Fear is the only thing we have to fear.” What he said is truer today that it ever was during the depression. Today, it’s threats to our lives. Then, it was threats to our money. But the basic premise of his speech applies today if not more than it did, then, fear is the only thing we have to fear.

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