God is not a rigid god

God is not a rigid god

I don’t believe in God. I don’t believe in a God that is rigid. My God is not rigid. Rigid is the antithesis of my God. I don’t believe in my God as much as I live through my God. God is not a He or a She as God is not any one being. God is all beings, all life either in harmony or discord. God is forever changing along with life and the changing of man. As man thinks, so thinks God. This idea that God is rigid and never changing, the God is the same today as it was 10,000 years ago or 2000 years ago, is not the faith the Christ taught me. Because I still believe in the Word, I still believe in what Christ taught. What Christ taught is for us to love one another as we love ourselves. I’d like to share how my God works to shape our lives.

Belief in a rigid God is the root of all religious strife. Most everyone who believes in God, believes their God is rigid and never changes. This is how they base their whole set of beliefs, their isms wherever they their faith takes them, whether their Catholic, Protestant, Jewish, or Muslim. Their God is a rigid God, One that never changes. That’s the God I used to worship. I believe in the Word, the Word of Christ. What I never realized is that Word is also my word. It’s also your word. It’s everybody’s word. That is what represents God at any one moment. It’s the thoughts and actions and consequences of every living being that comprise Life on earth. That is what God is. It’s the good thoughts along with the bad thoughts. This is how God shapes our future, with either thoughts of Love, the good thoughts or thoughts of Hate, the bad thoughts. This is why God preached Love when God came as Jesus.

God is different today. God, in Jesus’ time was a God of Hate throughout most of the world. But in the civilized parts, there were pockets of Love. These were the villages and towns. The people gathering together with common interests were and are the people who make up how God acts and reacts. Whether it is good or bad behavior, it’s Us working through God that influences how God operates and how God works. God works through either Love or Hate. Is the voice of your God that you hear a voice of Love or is it a voice of Hate? That, more than anything else dictates what your God is usually like, as God is different at different times. I hope you’re beginning to see, your God or god is your inner voice working to tell you how to act and react with each other through god (God). God is Us We work through our inner voices and how we influence each other. This is how God or god works. This how We work through God or god.

God is a Changing God

Growing up a Methodist, I was taught to believe in a Loving God and not a god of fear. A Loving God is an always changing God, as only a changing God can love without reservation. A god of fear cannot love since it can’t change. I god of fear is too worried about his own existence to be able to spare the time to worry about someone else. Worrying about someone else is a sign of love which shows weakness to a person in fear. This tells me that’s it’s impossible for a god of have and fear to express anything close to love. His nature has never taught him anything about compassion and it’s compassion that is crucial for Love to exist. For compassion to exist, one needs an attitude with the ability to change what one knows to be true. What they often think they know as true. is often quite clouded and murky when one looks deeper. For compassion to present itself, ones ideas of what they think they know must change, to see the real truth. This is where science and religion conflict when you believe in a rigid god of fear. There is no conflict with a God of Love when you consider this.

God is always moving. God is always changing because of this movement. For God to be alive, God has to change.  That means that God is not rigid. God is forever changing just as life changes constantly and always. That is the forever in God. God is Us, All of Us, together and always changing to meet our needs. The only quality about God that remains the same is the right to life and growth. We add in the kindness to make that life easier, and that’s what modern religions try to do to the masses. However, they add in punishment for wrongdoers, thinking that, that will prevent the wrongdoing in the first place. The problem is, it doesn’t. They don’t understand why the wrongdoing happened in the first place because they’re blind to it because their God never changes. They try to solve today problems, with yesterday’s solutions, but their solutions are eons old. They’re as old as civilization, dating to 2000 years ago, for Christians, 1400 Years for Muslims. 10,000 years for Hebrews (their Bible dates to 11 century BCE). That’s about how long each of these religions has existed, all out of the seed of Abraham. The God he Worshiped has become the God of these peoples. The very same God worshiped differently in every manner, except one, he is a rigid God.

They called the hate god the devil in their time. We know now the hate god isn’t the devil. It’s Us. We are God, so we get to take the responsibility for how our God lives and works within us. This is why we have to protect how we think and work through God. When we create fear, hate and anger, it drives violence because the only way to fight fear is with anger. Too often it becomes too easy to turn that anger into antagonism and this is where the danger lies. We’re experiencing that now. God has all of a sudden turned to an angry god. That has turned into a god of antagonism. (I refuse to capitalize the god of hate or antagonism, as that isn’t the God of Love). I believe that God is supposed to be synonymous with Love. That means that God can’t mean hate. That means that hate has no place in God of Love.

Once all of these religions realize that God is not rigid, but moving, always moving and always changing, that changes Gods perspectives completely. No longer can we ASSUME what God is thinking. What God is thinking and thinking about is always changing, and that will never change. That means that God is forever changing to meet our new and different values and needs. That means that God is never the same God to everyone or everything, nor are God’s values and needs. As mans needs and values change, Gods needs and values change also. How we shape that change only history will tell.

I know what you’re thinking, needs? Does God have needs? Uh…yeah.  God has needs. The Bible says that God needs our love. That’s what the first commandment is, to God with all your heart and mind.” If God is all of us, doesn’t that mean, if we’re to love God, we’re to love everybody? Isn’t that what Jesus was trying to teach us, to love one another as if you love yourself? The point I’m trying to make is that God needs love and that means that we need love because we are God. The Bible says that exactly when it tells us what God name is. God’s name is I AM. That means that I AM God. That also means that You are God along with everybody else.

As life changes, God changes along with it. God’s attitudes change because God is Life. Life forever changes so God forever changes. That changes everything. All of a sudden it’s OK to be gay or lesbian, bisexual or transsexual. It’s OK to be a different race. None of us are exactly alike as we have to accept the differences in others to be part of a God of Love.  God accepts all and loves all. Accepts, is the key word here. If God accepts the differences in others, we accept it because we are God and we are always right, because God is always right. That points to your choices, it’s your choice to work though a God of Love or a god of hate.

God is testing us right now with a possible anti-christ in the oval office running the free world. An antichrist is a god of hate and our President elect used a god of hate to promote his candidacy. That makes him a being who uses a god of hate to achieve his goals. This is the definition of an antichrist, one who uses fear and hate to achieve goals of greed and power. This representation of what we see as God, right now, is full of hate and anger, and he uses that fear and hate to drive the masses into frenzies of anger and antagonism. It’s the god of hate that could ruin this country…..and subsequently, the world.

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