Fear – The Pervasion of Fear in Our Society and How It’s Used For Political Gain

Fear – The Pervasion of Fear in Our Society and How It’s Used For Political Gain

Always overlooked as a reason for why mass shootings take place is something that only a few educated men want to suspect. It seems that the real reason mass shootings take place is because of nothing more than anger, and the pervasion of it in our media. None of any mass shootings that have been done in the US recently, were not done in anger, unless another crime such as robbery or kidnapping was being committed at the same time. The first thing we should be asking ourselves is why are so many, seemingly ordinary, normal American people, so angry? What are the major causes of this anger, and what can we do to quell it?

Of the reports that I’ve heard or seen, almost every time something like this happens, the news reports show, in most cases, an angry young man willing to die for what he believes is a loss of his freedom. Somehow, it seems that he believes the government is encroaching on his freedoms and rights.

Whether or not, this is happening, is immaterial. Unfortunately, too many people feel exactly like these young men, that government is taking away too much of the freedom of many of our citizens. It’s here that the violence begins. When the expression of those rights, start to infringe upon the rights of others, violence seems to be the “go to” mode of reacting to the threat. Little thought is given otherwise, usually because of other reasons that I’ll explain later.

The fact of the matter is, outside of the times we’ve had to live with prohibition, few if anyone, one has ever lost any of their freedoms, to government control within the last 150 years since slavery was abolished, unless they broke the law. It’s true that corporations have lost a good deal of their freedoms throughout the 20th century, mostly because corporations have the luxury of being able to abuse their freedom legally. Usually it’s done under the guise of “profits and stockholder returns”. This stockholder appeasement is a necessary function of our corporate industry as all corporations are made up of stockholders and they have to be kept happy to keep their money invested in the corporation. But it’s this abuse of freedom through the guise of having the same rights as individuals, that corporations are destroying the fabric of America through the necessity to keep their stockholders happy.

Corporate Influence in Driving Fear

This is where another part of the problem lies. Corporate power, too often is stronger than the Government that is supposed to regulate and control abuse of that corporate power. It’s the use of wealth to disseminate anti-regulation propaganda to the people who are most willing to stand up and revolt against the Government, that’s hurting America more than anything else. This anti-regulation propaganda is always coupled with anti-government propaganda in the form of “too much government control, too much taxes, or too little freedom to be able to conduct business, profitably”, when it really boils down to too little freedom to be able to continue the abuse, that corporations have become accustomed to committing.

Because of this expanding belief of infringement upon their rights (through the encouragement of big business), that tends to pervade this subculture of young white men, and now even women, they seem to feel the need to express their anger toward those who are least likely to oppose the protest (pacifists), about their loss of freedoms. Is this an indication that this type of personality is weak and scared? Of course! We know that they’re afraid of losing their freedoms. So much so, that they’re willing to give up their freedom to save that freedom for everyone else. This, to me, is insanity. Why would anyone give up their freedom under the guise that they’re “losing their freedom to government control“, boggles my mind. I can’t understand why people believe propaganda that’s fed to them by the very same people who profess “to be on their side” when they’re actually not. These feeders of propaganda want to control these people (voters) to continue their destructive behavior, because of the profitability in the manner of conducting business in this way, and that keeps the stockholders happy.

It seems obvious to me that corporate America is doing the influencing. But why do they believe that the only way to incite change is to incite anger and fear? Is this the result of corporate abuse, again? Finding legal ways to influence this subculture of young white radical patriots to influence the government to do their bidding for them is the biggest display of corporate irresponsibility, that’s ever been perpetrated on this nation. It’s the use of mass media that’s bringing about massive distrust in our government, mostly through one news media that come upon the scene about 30 years ago, that’s fueling this distrust. Why a conservative media source wants to control how this low class of Republican voters, vote is not beyond anyone’s understanding. What’s good for corporate America, is assumed to be good for everyone in America. At least, that’s what is professed. But is it?

We don’t have the resources that corporate America has, which severely limits our power to achieve the goals and objectives. that corporate America does. Their power is unlimited, or so they think. This is where the limitation of power should begin in corporate America. Our founding fathers knew about the abuse of power. They built into our system of governance, protections design to thwart this abuse of power. Isn’t it time we started to control the abuse of corporate power? If our government’s power is controlled, why isn’t corporate power? After all, they have more power than the Government, already. Why do they want more? The simple answer is, control. This is where the true power lies, control to move the masses. To influence the thinking of the people so they vote like you want them to. This is the kind of control our founding fathers wanted to prevent, not foster, isn’t it?

People who promote fear, anger and hatred are causing most, if not all, the mass shootings and violence that are taking place in America today

My contention is that it is the people who promote anger and fear, that are causing most, if not all, the mass shootings and violence that are taking place in America today. If we can control this dissemination of the propaganda that’s turning our own population against our Government, we can control this wave of mass violence. But the government can’t express this control. It has to come from the voters, the very ones who sought to  revolt against the Government. It’s these voters who need to realize that they are being Patsies. They’re being used by corporate America to influence the American government to make laws for the benefit of corporate America alone. They need to wake up and smell the coffee. The control of this block of voters is crucial to corporate America to achieve its goals and objectives. The problem is, that this block of voters are influenced too much by their emotions, fear and anger, and corporate America is using that fear and anger to further their goals. This is what this block of voters need to understand, they are being used.

So who really is pulling the trigger in these heinous crimes? Is it the gun itself? Is it the gun industry that provides the guns? Or is the mental health segment of our medical industry who overlook the mentally ill? Is it lack of education for gun owners that could be causing this epidemic?

No I don’t think it’s any one of these.

It’s our culture of guns throughout our country’s history, as well as our culture of disbelief in our own country’s system of governance and the need to protect ourselves, that’s perpetuating this increase of adherent and unfortunately abhorrent behavior. It’s this culture of disbelief in our own country’s government and the dissemination of this belief, in an angry, fearful manner that is fueling this subculture of radical “patriots” and is really causing these mass shootings.

How often did this happen before the emergence of Fox News and far right wing propaganda? It was a rare occasion that any mass shootings happened, on their own, prior to recent history (e.g. last 30 years) and Fox News being part of our daily news feed equation. I have to wonder is, Rupert Murdoch (owner of Fox News) trying to ruin America? He is Australian of course, but I can’t believe that anyone can be that destructive. I have to believe that he’s just searching for more power to peddle his influence, to increase his what power he already has.

Even the protests of our government in the 60’s and 70’s were peaceful, for all intents and purposes, and they didn’t include firearms, with the exception of law enforcement officers. Most were peaceful rallies following the example of Gandhi, and Martin Luther King, yet the conservative government in force still thought it necessary to sometimes use their firearms (often in the guise of protection), to hurt peaceful protesters.

This makes me wonder if it wasn’t this action of the government in the past that has brought on the behavior in those who seek to protest, today. Did the killing of innocent protesters 50 years ago influence too many (supposed) patriots who feel the need to express their protest differently today? Have they taken it to the next level? Are they trying to do away with whatever they feel is threatening their freedom? And since they have little respect of the entity upon which they have chosen to wage war with, they chose the only path that been opened up to them, by those agencies who report the news in the manner which these people prescribe to.

It is my contention that it’s the responsibility of the news agencies and commentators who report the news in this manner and that are praying on their ever-present fear and anger of the Government that pervades their audience, which are causing this recent explosion in mass violence.

This begs the questions, why are protesters from the right so ready to take up arms, while the protesters from the left turn to more passive protests. Is it because the pacifists don’t experience the fear that these conservative “patriots” feel? Or, is it because, they know that our country is safest when we invite discourse, as long as the discourse is shared in a peaceful and respectful manner. Either reason that they feel that way, and why they feel the way should be expressed more in the news media than the fear and anger that we’re currently exposed to now, in today’s world.

So, why are black protesters, gay rights protesters, Hispanic protesters and those others who have been recently recognized for their protests of inequality, less likely to take up arms in their protest, than the protesters on the other side of the political spectrum, the far right? Why do they feel they have a need to enjoy their “freedom”, by taking up arms, in protest of change that they don’t approve of?

Why is it they want to express their anger by making others feel what they’ve had to feel their whole life, fear? Why do they want to spread this feeling of fear? What are the motivating factors that drive men to use terroristic tactics of spreading fear and anger? Is it a desire for control? If it is, why do so many profess to be Christians? I’m a Christian. I believe that Jesus dies for my sins. I also believe, as all other Christians should believe, that God is in control, and doesn’t need any of my help.

I would like to address two reasons for the anger. The anger exists. We know that. What we speculate, are the reasons for its existence. Why are so many people angry? And why are some groups more vocal about it than others? Why are some groups willing to go to further lengths to bring their point to the foreground to be noticed? Why are some groups willing to kill to make their point known? Why are some people willing to be terrorists to get their point across?

This stems from something, I feel, nobody has looked at. It’s the same thing that’s causing most illnesses and diseases in the world today. Studies have borne this truth, which we not only are what we eat, but our thinking changes as we eat and grow hungry. And this changes our motivations in how we think, speak and act. The biggest factor in our behavior, in my opinion, is our diet.

We live in a world that has told us to eat grain foods. We’re told to eat them in massive quantities. We’re told that this food is good for us, as long as it’s in a form which satiates our appetites quickly and raises our blood sugars quickly, releasing massive amounts of feel good hormones and neurotransmitters, such as, Seratonin, Dopamine and Leptin, it’s good for us. Or so we believe. This is what’s been advertised to us. This food is healthy because it satisfies our appetites so quickly and makes us all feel so good, so fast. And we all believed it. What else were we supposed to do?

All of these are chemicals that make us feel good while our blood glucose (sugar) is high, but bring us crashing down within a couple hours, making anyone who ingests this type of food, irritable, uncomfortable, anxious and more than anything else, a little bit frightful. The fright is brought on the anxious feeling we get to live with, when we have an empty stomach and the body is in need of more glucose to keep functioning. It’s the release of Ghrelin that forces us to eat more to bring back up the levels of Serotonin, Dopamine and Leptin. It’s the bringing back up of these chemicals that bring our thinking and actions back to sensible levels. For more information about fighting hunger, see how fighting hunger also fights terrorism. For more information on how to fight your hunger, read It’s Time for the Ultimate Cure

It’s in this interim that bad decisions take place. This time of hunger, when we’re feeling all these other emotions, play on our sensibilities, not allowing us to fully see the folly in some of our decisions, that we make bad decisions. This happens, in my opinion, because we act irrationally during these times, when our hormones and neurotransmitters have gone array because of the lack of glucose in our bodies and our need to re-supply it with more carbohydrates.

It is my contention that it is our diet, high in carbohydrate foods that fuels this cycle of extreme highs and lows that cause the enormous changes in the chemical structure of our hormonal composition, that brings on this abhorrent behavior. In other words, it’s our high carbohydrate diets that are at the root of this violence that is pervading our society.

The emergence of Fox News, in my opinion, adds to this abhorrent behavior because of the same thing, fear and a diet high in non-nutritional high starch carbohydrate food. The owner of this news media has taken it upon himself to profess his beliefs and do his best to influence what would be normal American citizens to act out in defiance of the law and our government, to fight what they’re are being told is an invasion of their freedom. The people who control Fox News operate their company from a standpoint of fear and often use anger to get their points across. I guess they don’t want to realize that this kind of behavior, while it might be selling them a lot of books and lining their pockets with cash, it serves absolutely no purpose in limiting the amount of violent behavior. Nor does it do anything to quell the fear and anger that this personality type thrives on.

That fear and anger, seems to be expanding at an exponential rate, now. This brings up to many other questions to be answered in this statement. But, it conjures the statement that FDR made in 1932 though, “The only thing we have to fear is fear, itself.” This statement today, should read, Fear is the only thing we need to fear. Because so many Americans live their lives in fear now, because of the brand of news they listen to, they feel the only way to act out to protest is with anger. After all they’re only one level apart on the emotional tone scale. With fear being the lowest emotional tone above death, anger is just above fear, making it easy to move anyone already in state of fear, up the tone scale to anger. It’s this action that is bringing on the violent activity, by pulling these people into a more active emotion, anger.

Product DetailsThis is where the problem begins. Because the need for action now exists, it’s felt by more and more of this type of personality that they need to do something, and do it fast. While in a state of fear, the only action needed is to either, cower and protect, or become angry, and attack, to protect yourself or your loved ones. It’s basic primitive nature, and it’s all done under the disguise of protection. What is being failed to realize is the fact that we are not primitive organisms anymore and we should not be relying on primitive emotions, like fear and anger.

Product DetailsThis is the crux of the problem right here; there are too many people who don’t know how to express their anger except for the ways in which they’ve been shown to, in the media of which they’re exposed to. The media most are exposed to comes in the form of movies, music, advertising, and now, twitter, Facebook and all other social media, like this blog. This media gets mixed and stirred up inside us, with other media, like that which is in the news, and all of a sudden we’re mixing modern technology with primitive emotions and behavior. The results only appear to be more appalling to society than previous atrocities against humanity. Now worse than appalling, they’re scary. The notion that any adult in America can own a gun and use it, regardless of training, emotional health, or knowledge of how to use, is scary. Very Scary!

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