America’s Been Trumped by a Drumpf,

Welcome to Trumpocracy

A New Definition of Truth – “It’s all in the show”

An administration of fear, bully style.

Trump says, Goodbye democracy.

Hello Trumpocracy.

The Trump assault has begun. The man who thinks he can run a government like he does his businesses is out to prove how it can’t be done. That’s because you can’t run government like you do a business. Government is not a business. A business operates for its stockholders. The government operates for the public, and there’s a huge difference. You can lie to stockholders. You can’t lie to the public. You can skirt the law with your business, you can’t skirt the law if you are supposed to enforce it. News Flash, Donald: you can’t break the law either, no matter how much you want to. Advising your patrolmen to break the law is illegal for you to do. DON’T YOU KNOW THAT? It makes me wonder where did you go to school? Maybe it should have been a public school. Maybe then, you would’ve learned what many sixth graders know; government is different than business and can’t be run alike.

Wherever it was that you went, I know you didn’t pay attention. You were too busy creating scenes yourself to keep you as the center of attention, instead of just someone else in the class. I was raised by a class clown, someone who always wanted to be the center of attention, himself. That’s because my Dad was abandoned by his mother and his father couldn’t take care of him and his three sisters, and still work. And this was right at the beginning of the Great Depression. But somehow, my father grew up the most honest man I know. I don’t know anyone else who would walk back into a grocery store to return extra change given back to him due to an error made by the store clerk. (I think he was given a nickel too much.) Even abandoned infants have more civility than this man who was never truly abandoned, just emotionally abandoned.

What were once freedoms for all of us are about to be turned into freedoms for just a few of us, in most cases, for those few who can afford them. In some cases, they’re already being stolen.

What everyone has seemed to forget is that bullies fight first, reason later. Don is a supreme artist at doing this. He does it to take the attention off of himself. Divert attention from yourself and that leaves you more room to do your ill works. This is Donald Trumps modus operandi. He’s always done this. I think he learned it when he was two years old, being taken care of by a nursemaid who barely cared him or even the family that employed her. I really think this was the start of Donald becoming to world’s biggest bully allowing him to think that he could wreak as much havoc as he wished upon the world, simply because he was allowed to wreak that havoc as he grew up. His problem: he never grew up. He just continued wreaking havoc just like a juvenile. Is it any wonder that he acts like he does when you consider this? This man is proving to be the antichrist that I really thought he is.

Because of this, we all get to live in fear for the next four years. Unfortunately, there are 3,000,000 more people who would rather have this person out of their lives, for the next four years, than those who want him as President. (He’s truly a President of a minority. Too bad it’s the wrong minority.) The minority he likes owns a majority of the money and power. That to me doesn’t spell “good President”. It smells too much of a dictatorship and dictatorships always bring fear. Fear has always brought trouble.

I don’t know anyone who doesn’t fear what this man is capable of.) Yet for the next four years, we have to deal with seeing his face, daily. I wonder if he felt the same way when his predecessor took office, due to his fear of a black man. (The difference in his feelings and mine is that a black man can’t change his color. Donald can change his demeanor, he just refuses to.) Now it appears that he’s going to undo as much democracy as he possibly can.

Welcome to Trumpocracy!

The assault continues. With what many consider evil strokes of his pen, Donald J Drumpf or should I say Trump sells out democracy and said goodbye to it, with each new executive order. His idea of good is not for the majority’s idea of good. No. His ideas of good are for the minority at the top, not the disadvantaged he’s conned into believing that he wants to help them. The only thing he wants to help is his ego.

With eagerness like that of the most ravenous predator, he’s set out to undo all democracy that existed before he darkened our world with his candidacy. Darken it he did, with his rhetoric of fear and hate, so much so that immediately following his announcement to run for president, violence escalated. It’s remained escalated ever since. It escalated even more after he was elected. He’s empowered the darkest minority in our country. They also happen to be the whitest minority. It includes skinheads and supremacists’.  This is easy to understand with all the fear that he generated.

It Starts With Fear

You have to generate fear to sell anything that isn’t needed. This is exactly how Donald started his campaign. His intent was to generate enough fear to prompt change. This is the very same thing that Tom Hopkins teaches in his book How to Sell Anything. He’s famous in realty for selling a house a day for over a year. That’s a feat that I don’t think has been matched since. To do that you need to have master selling skills. This is something Donald loves to prove he has. I can only imagine how proud he is of this sale. He sold himself to America, when America didn’t need him, or a change.

Although it could be argued that the recovery was slow, it could also be argued that this recovery was much safer and much less risky than those of the past. (The thing I think about the most is, the administration prior to the depression in every case, was always a conservative administration. When will everyone start to realize that the self-regulating that conservatism espouses, will not ever regulate itself because of one factor that no one ever figures into the equation? Nobody calculates greed in this equation. Greed is what drives capitalism. The problem with that is that there is no fairness or justice in greed. Fairness and justice both require a degree of compassion and that’s a polar opposite of greed.

Greed is an emotion of hunger. It always will be. To remove greed from the equation, you need to remove the hunger from the equation. To do that, you need to remove the sugar from the diet, but that’s a whole different subject. But I can see where Donald gets his share of sugar every day. (His size is evidence of that.)  That only means that Donald is a hungry man and with the way Donald does everything, I’m sure his hunger cycles are just as grandiose as he, as he often displays this hunger with anger, inducing fear wherever he speaks.

It was greedy wild speculation that brought on every recession and depression in the 20th century and the one in 2008. Isn’t that what Donald is all about, taking chances and bankrupting companies? Will he bankrupt our country? (Maybe I should be asking when, and not if.) I shouldn’t worry about these things, but I can’t help it, and neither can 3,000,000 other voters. These are the voters that voted not to see his face for the next four years. That’s 3 million more that didn’t vote for Donald, than those who did. I know every one of them is worried. Who, in their sane mind, wouldn’t be? A man who traffics in fear now has the power to inflict his idea of justice wherever he wishes at his own whim.

I’m amused that he thinks there was voter fraud and is conducting an investigation into it. I’m all for this, as I think he is going to be jolted by the results of his investigation. There was voter fraud but it wasn’t committed by who he thinks it was. It was committed by his own supporters because of the fear that he created. This man’s ability to create fear has only been surpassed once in our history and that’s when the twin towers fell in his hometown. Voters have already been charged with illegally voting twice for him so I wouldn’t doubt that many of his supporters took him up on his suggestion to use dead people to vote for him. When this is discovered to be the case, will we be looking for a new, honest president?

The only people who aren’t acutely afraid are those who are insulated from the damage to democracy, he‘ll inflict. Unfortunately, that doesn’t cover the majority who voted for him. I guess there are those who still think that a man without morals or moral values can actually be a positive representation of our country. Most of us know that he represents only the minority that thinks they can actually be like this man. None of them realize that somehow, someone outside of our country was allowed to steal the election that put him in office. (That’s a shame on us.) We’ve allowed a person already convicted of being dishonest and deceiving in his businesses and already broken several laws, into an office that gives him supreme power over the free world. (Even his own party members fear him. How many of them do you really think are comfortable with him in the White House?) He’s already cheated hundreds of thousands of people out of millions of dollars, yet our country deems this man fit, to be President.

I know a lot of his supporters are worried as well, as they’ve confessed to me, already, that they are. How can they not be worried? How can I not be worried? This is probably why my blood pressure is so high every time I check it now. This man has always dealt in fear, from his TV show where he fires everybody except one person to his business practices of evicting minorities to clear land for developments for wealthier people. This is what we deem honorable? That is what scares me more than anything else. Can our country be that corrupt already or have we just become complacent in our judgment? (As lazy as our country is, I’d say the latter rings true.)

What scares me also, is that this man is intent on undoing, all of the previous administration’s actions which he, in ignorant ways in which can only understand, deems unprofitable. What he can’t see is the benefit these actions have for millions of people, as those people don’t matter, as Donald sees it. Donald doesn’t have the empathy to care about other people except for his own family. This is how he could evict so many people throughout his history as a developer. Notice I said developer not landlord. Landlords have to deal with evictions. Developers don’t unless they want a certain building and desire to transform that land to be worth something more. Who gets hurt in the meantime, doesn’t matter as that’s just collateral damage.

Profit to Trump

The way Donald sees it, if it isn’t profitable, it’s not worth doing. There’s an innate as well as an inane problem with this. The innateness of it is that profit hasn’t always been about money or the movement thereof. True profit involves the benefit of the company or entity as a whole.It may not come as fast as the money, but it lasts longer and is healthier for the company. This goes for countries also. This is one of the best benefits of democracy. This is also the best benefit of not being a dictatorship, which also appears to be something that Mr. Drumph has initiated his version of, already. (I say Drumpf because that was his grandfather’s given surname. He changed it when he immigrated from Bavaria. At least, that was the Wikipedia entry 2 months ago. It has changed since then to show that Trump has always been his grandfather’s name, claiming the Drumpf moniker was dumped by a distant relative 200-300 years ago.)

That part of his history, according to Wikipedia, has been changed, since I first read it. It now reads that Trump was always his name. According to his page now, the Drumpf name comes from an ancestor a couple hundred years ago. The only way this can be proven is to pull up the old Donald Trump entry in Wikipedia before it was changed. You have to go into the archives to find that page, though. (This shows the downside of an open source encyclopedia.)

When I first read the story about Donald’s family, it said that his grandfather changed his name, when he immigrated from Bavaria because he didn’t want the eastern spelling of his name to draw too much bad attention to his business and he thought Trump would be much easier to sell than Drumpf. Like Trump, Drumpf was an hotelier and restaurateur, also. Could you imagine how successful Donald’s hotels would be with Drumpf at the top of each tower? Would you want to stay at a hotel named Drumpf? Trump does sound better, doesn’t it and this is exactly why his grandfather changed his name when he moved over here. Drumpf is too close to dumping. Who would want to stay in a dump? (This may be where Donald is going to send our country. He’s already sent 6 companies there when he bankrupted them. How do you think every one of his debtors felt about that? How about all the people who worked for those companies, how do you think they felt when they got stiffed?) This seems to be his MO. It’s been his MO for over 20 years, going back to 1971, when he took over his family’s real estate firm.

When will someone correct this entry to show the truth? My guess is, not until Donald fades away into history will the truth be known, as this is indicative of how a dictatorship works, and all of Donald’s companies have been run in this same manner. (It’s the bully factor he doesn’t trust anyone because he’s a bully.He’s afraid because he’s a bully, all of the time )This is the type of control Donald has always displayed. It’s the only kind of control offered by bullies as bullies don’t trust others. That’s indicative of bullies. Bullies only trust themselves and their close associates. This is due to the fact that bullies don’t know how to treat people with respect and have a tendency to make enemies, due to the lack of respect, they express. This is what makes them afraid of retaliation. He uses fear, to fight his own fear.

That’s basically why bullies only trust themselves, and those they control. Do you wonder why he appointing so many family members? Is it because they’re qualified? Or is it because they’re the only ones he can trust as he can control them. It is a control issue and Donald knows that because so many people dislike him, he can have no control over those people. Because of this, they get labeled as enemies. That makes Donald my enemy because of this dishonorable nature. Even though He has the ability to change and become my friend, I’m sure he won’t, as his path of destruction has already begun and because he locked himself into a cycle, it can’t change without him changing himself. Goodbye democracy.

It would be nice if we had a president that could trust his fellow countrymen, but this is President that can’t do that, as he can’t trust anyone but himself and his closest associates that he has control of. The problem with this is that Donald is quick to trust anyone who likes him and shows loyalty (those who feed his ego). A sign of loyalty is all it takes to earn Donald’s trust. This is due to the fact that bullies aren’t liked, so they’re attracted to those who show they can be controlled. As much as they want to be liked, their nature prohibits it.  As a consequence, they can only be feared. (Their desire is to earn the honor, through fear. Unfortunately, life doesn’t work that way, as fear only brings anger. He’s already proved this. I know too many people who will NEVER honor him.)

It’s also due to the fact that Donald can’t think ahead. He can’t reason future consequences of his actions beyond the next quarterly cycle. Is this how conservative politics works, seeing only short-term benefits, and not long-term prosperity? It seems that this is the way Donald is going to run this nation. Is that what you voted for when you voted for this madman? This is what 3 million more voters voted against than voted for, in the election. It’s only because of gerrymandered congressional districts to skew the Electoral College that we’re doomed to the consequences of this election and someone who doesn’t know what consequences are. He’s NEVER had to face the consequences of his own actions. (He’s always found someone else to take the fall for him, as he could always afford it.)

He’s been like this ever since his father sent him to a military academy because of his unruliness as a tot and then gave him a million dollars to start his empire. Actually, he’s been like this all his life. This is typical of rich brats. They think they own everything. Because of this, this man does not know right from wrong, as he’. He only knows what’s profitable from what’s unprofitable. The problem with this is, his definition of profit is not what everybody else’s definition is. This is our dilemma, how do we know how he thinks? (To know that, you have to be able to think a bully,) This is also how bullies work. They don’t want you to know what they think as that can diminish their control.

This president doesn’t trust anyone but his own family and close associates (those who like him). This is indicative of bullies yet, in this case, it’s also indicative of his dishonesty. This is why he wants to put his family in his cabinet, he doesn’t trust anyone else. He trusts only those who feed his narcissism. This is due to the fact that he’s so dishonest himself.  Because he is so dishonest, everything he envisions is in this realm of dishonesty. He sees everyone else doing just as he would do, himself, dishonestly. He can’t imagine dealing honestly and this is why he can’t trust anyone but those in his own family. Honesty for this man isn’t profitable. He only desires the help of those who are willing to feed his ego by supporting his irrational ways. It’s too bad that he’s looking for approval from the wrong people. I think that’s just they’re easier to persuade and that’s why he appeals to them.

Have you ever wondered where Donald gets his information? He probably gets it from sources his wife likes to read, from Eastern Europe. That’s where’s she’s from and her son is learning her native language, so I wouldn’t doubt that Donald gets a lot of his information from newspapers or periodicals from her country, somewhere in Slovenia. Isn’t that close to Russia? Hmm, I have to think about this one… could this be why he likes Putin? Could this be why he sees him as a strong leader? Isn’t that what Putin has printed in his papers, the ones Trump’s wife reads? Do you really think that this can make him a strong leader or a bought leader? (like you were bought when you voted for him) Welcome to Drumpfocracy, the start of the decline of America. (200 years from now it may be known as dumpocracy, due to the manner in which it sent our country into the dump.)

Hello Drumpfocracy.

Completely disregarding any consideration of our environment or future safety and security of our nation, and only thinking short-term benefits, completely disregarding any consequences, this man has proven the evil nature of his thinking. His thoughts are only for the increase of wealth at any cost, human or financial cost, as long as the benefit is his. This is his nature. He’s bankrupted 6 companies, seeking wealth in the past 20 years, because it was good business practice. Where is it good business practice to file for bankruptcy, especially when you have to money to pay your debtors? The answer to that question is in Donald Trump’s world, and now you have this man leading the free world, ready to bankrupt it. Is this your idea of freedom? It’s Donald’s. At least he sees it as freedom. To him, freedom is freedom from obligation. Is this the kind of freedom you think is best for America?

3 million don’t think so, as this is how many more voters voted for his opponent. The only reason Trump is in office now is that of Republican gerrymandering of our congressional districts, right under the nose of the Democratic party over the last 20 years. This shows the insanity of modern conservatism. Their goal to reduce our freedom to one viewpoint is what’s driven our country to a brink of disaster. True democracy is the viewpoints of everyone in the society. That’s pretty much the definition of democracy. Trumpocracy, on the other hand, is a closed-minded point of view that driven by the accumulation of money and nothing else. This is Trump’s nature and at 70 years old, it can’t change. It’s too hardwired in, to change. We can all thank Rupert Murdoch and Fox news for this one. The engineered it. They orchestrated it. They played it perfectly for their benefit. Unfortunately, it wasn’t for the benefit of the people, which is what our government is supposed to be for. Democracy is not meant to benefit only the rich. This is something that Trump can’t fathom.

Welcome to Trumpocracy!

With this kind of mentality, where does a man like this belong in the white house? My answer to that is scrubbing baseboards. This man doesn’t have enough common sense to be where he is and because of that, he has no right to it, either. The only reason he’s where he is is that of outside interference. No sane American would have bought into his hate and anger without it. Was America duped? Not all of us were. 3,000,000 weren’t and it’s those who are suffering now, more than anyone else. Those are the people who could see through this carny barker.

You may be asking yourself how I can say this. I can say this with full confidence because Donald acts just like I do, without forethought or consideration of consequences. It’s gotten me in trouble all my life. It has him too. Six bankruptcies and his childhood schooling, in a military academy, are indicative of this. He can’t control his own urges. They’re controlled for him by our food industry. This is just as I was when I was young. I was uncontrollable as well, except when my belly was full. This is indicative of sugar addiction. I had it really bad when I was growing up. I grew out of it 3 years ago when I went keto. Donald’s never grown out of it. He probably never will.

I act this way now due to my brain damage. Donald, on the other hand, does this out of habit. Does Donald have brain damage? From his carb intake, I have to say; yes he does have brain damage and probably plenty of it. I can see in his face how much he loves his carbs. I’ll bet has a couple bagels for breakfast, every day. This means that our President is controlled by our grain and pharmaceutical industries. (It’s the hormonal control carbs have over your hunger cycle that causes this.) It’s this industry that has control over a majority of the public, with their control over the glucose in your system. If you love bread, pasta or cereal of any sort, you are controlled by this industry just like Donald is and that could spell doom for our nation. This industry has already trashed our environment as well as our food supply. I could trust them as far as I could throw that whole lot of them. And now he wants me to trust the epitome of this control? Sorry, I can’t, I depend on the viability of that system for my income and now we have someone who possesses the capability to tear all that down. He’s already started to do so and that’s what scares me. Will my disability still be there next year? Possibly not, if this man has anything to say about it.

This man actually thinks he is God. Let me explain, first. He may think he’s a god and he may be a god to some but he’ll never be God or anything close to it. This man is much closer to an anti-christ than anything else. His appeal appeals only to those who crave to be like him. Oh, do I pity those. To be like Don J Drumpf Trump, you need to be:

  • Narcissistic, extremely narcissistic (nothing else matters but you and your wishes)
  • Ignorant of anything that doesn’t make money or feed your ego
  • Driven to make as much of the above as possible, regardless of expenses (especially if they’re other peoples’)
  • Motivated to make those expenses, the expenses of other people, so you don’t have to waste your own.
  • Uncaring enough to allow other people’s expenses to be all of the following, loss of housing, loss of dignity, loss of life, loss of family, loss of health, any loss you can imagine is not beyond the capabilities of this man, as long as he doesn’t suffer, himself.
  • Driven to build the biggest name for yourself without regard for anyone or anything else that’s not owned by you
  • Driven to prove your importance and nothing else. (The drive is for recognition; he craves it like a junkie craves their next hit.)

This is why Donald think that’s he’s God. God’s first commandment is to love him and no other. That’s what Donald wants, isn’t it? That means if you love Donald, you’re not loving God, or what he stands for, and if you voted for him, you must have loved him in the booth over the other choice. If that’s the case, I have you to thank for my concern about my future. I’m sorry, I can’t thank you. I’m too worried. (Don’t ever let me know you voted for him, you’ll lose all of my respect.)

As far as Donald is concerned, these are qualities that you must possess if you are to succeed. Regard for others, if they’re not in your family or provide you with a benefit, is irrelevant. Donald is the epitome of our Paleo nature, as predators. As hunter-gatherers, our genetic nature was to be predators. This nature still drives Donald’s behavior. It will always drive his behavior. Unfortunately, empathy didn’t come to humanity for 1,000’s of years.  Considering how Donald thinks, it won’t ever come into his world, so don’t expect to see it in my administration. The people he’s putting in place to run his administration are direct proof of that.

Will empathy ever come to Donald Trump? Not if there isn’t any money in it…and you can take that to the bank. Empathy can only exist where caring exists. Donald doesn’t care. Caring isn’t profitable, financially; therefore it’s not worth the expense, as Donald can only see money as profit, not caring. This nature of his will be the demise of our democracy if Donald has anything to say about it. Welcome to Trumpocracy.

I’d like to say that you shouldn’t expect anything other than this kind of behavior from a Bavarian, but my desire to not be ignorant and bigoted wants to overpower my desire to “say it like it is”, that Donald’s Family is from Bavaria, where his grandfather was born. His grandfather immigrated after the Civil War to make his fortune from miners seeking gold in Seattle and Alaska. He tried to return home to Bavaria where he was denied his return because it was thought that he left to avoid military service.

Like his grandfather, Donald also evaded military service, even though his father had to send him to a military academy for schooling. This was due to the fact that Donald was completely unruly while in his youth? His father thought that this type of schooling could teach his son some civility. Although it taught him structure and discipline, it failed completely on civility as Donald is still undisciplined. Civility requires compassion. Compassion appears to be sorely lacking in Donald. So how can a man who doesn’t know compassion, know civility? It happens only through has narcissistic nature in how he wants people to view him, as he cares only about his own image. This is indicative of a narcissistic profile and it fits Donald to a T.

The question I ask is how do you work with this kind of behavior? How do you work with a man who can’t understand how to fit into a world to work for the betterment of that world? How do you work for a man who only wants to control it for the betterment of his own empire? This man builds towers for wealthy people. He evicts minorities to pave the way for new towers, without a care in the world. (It’s business.) How do you work with a man so ignorant that he still believes that Global Warming is a hoax (he can’t even see the melting of the Arctic, nor does he care about the decline of the Polar bear or other ecosystems that will suffer irreparable harm), because money is more important than the environment.

How do you change the behavior of someone who can’t see the truth through his own lies and ignorance? One seems to drive the other. This is where the true danger is, in the ignorance of a man refusing to see the truth because of his own dishonesty, and this is what scares me. It also scares me that if he were to read this, I should start fearing for my life, for writing such. Fortunately, we live in a country that guarantees free speech. At least it did before Trump; he’s trying to thwart that as well. He believes that only his speech should be free.

I’m sure he would call this propaganda when it’s really everything that comes out of his mouth that’s propaganda. He doesn’t know how to speak in any other way. This how he sells whatever he says, propaganda, “it’s going to be the greatest”.  Tom would be proud, of Donald, that is. He’s sold America to the Russians for the next four years. Who’s going to get to pay for it? That’s what concerns me. All I can tell you is, it won’t be Donald either. He’ll do the selling, he’ll carry the mortgage (regardless of risk), reap any rewards (if there are any), but he will not pay for anything. Will he avoid paying? He did for at least 6 towers. Who’s to say he won’t do it to our country? Oh! Wait a minute, he’s already done that, he sold us out to the Russians. How quick we forget.

Welcome to Trumpocracy.

The greatest concern I have is, this man has lived his life deep in debt, not only in this country but around the world. What happens to this man’s holdings while he is serving as President? How is that going to influence his businesses? What influence are his debtors going to have? Will there be conflicts of interest concerning any of his business holdings and the government and its actions or policies? Can you believe this man who doesn’t know how to tell the truth and thrives in secrecy? If so, how? How can a man who’s never been “on the level” with anything, all of a sudden start being on the level? This man is 70 years old. How easy do you think it will be to change his nature? How easy was it to change your grandfather’s nature? I’ll bet he passed it down to you, didn’t he? Will we ever see him pay any taxes on his wealth? (I wouldn’t count on it.) Paying taxes requires a degree of honor and this man has none. Trust requires that the one being trusted has scruples. What scruples does this man have? He’s already proven that he has none, therefore how can we trust him. Trust is a requirement of the office we’ve put him in. If you can trust the one who’s is supposed lead you (which 3,000,000 more voters voted for), how can you represent the majority? You can’t and you end up promoting a minority that has the same dim view as you do of the world, a view meant only to keep a select few prosperous. It just has to be the select few, you choose.

I can’t say enough about the stupidity of this President. He has surpassed all superlatives about his stupidity. He has proven to the world the ignorance of the American people in voting for him. Actually, it was Republican gerrymandering of congressional districts that lead to his election and now it’s come back to bite them in the butt, rather severely,  in the form of an eastern German who would rather be Russian. (I can’t in all good conscience capitalize anything for this man as he is a little “g” god and nothing else.)

Drumpf again proves his stupidity. No President in history has shown the ignorance and stupidity that this President has. He knows nothing. He knows nothing about government or how to run a government. He simply knows how to be a bully and nothing else. He amazes me every day with his stupidity, plain ignorant stupidity. This excuse for a man has exceeded even the ignorance of our worst Presidents.

Following the same path as that of Nixon, G.W. Bush and Andrew Johnson, this President are intent on proving is unworthiness to be President to prove to the world how backward America remains. The fact that gerrymandered congressional districts by the Republican party are the only thing that gave an ignoramus the oval office, isn’t important to this President. He still thinks he got the popular vote. That’s why he claims there was illegal voting during this election. He’s right. There was illegal voting but it was for him, not his opponent. We already know of people who voted twice for him, illegally. He goaded them into it by scaring them. He’s scared, everybody. It’s the way he has always done business, so now it’s time to run the government that way, as scary as possible. Bullies tend to be like that and Donald is nothing more than a supreme bully.

How will history see this President? History will deem him to be the absolute most dishonest, deceiving, and despicable President we’ve ever elected. History will prove the true ignorance this man spouts and will show him to be the anti-christ. Everything he says and does prove this. The saddest part of this story is that most everyone knows this. he along with a few extreme right-wingers, seem to be the only ones who don’t. donald drumpf is not my President, nor yours if you’re a true Christian. Nor is Donald Trump. Neither one is a god to me and if he is to you, all I can do for you is to pity you. (But not like I pity him. I can’t pity him as he chooses to remain ignorant, rude and belligerent, simply because he’s never grown to adulthood, mentally.) He probably never will as he has no opportunity to. He’s never had an opportunity to grow. All of his opportunities that he’s had has only allowed him to stagnate because they’ve come too easy to him, due to his wealth. He’s never struggled just to survive. (He’d rather flaunt his power to usurp.) He flaunts his power to achieve his own dreams of having more power and therein lies the true danger in Donald Trump. His lack of moral values due to the fact that money and power, his bottom lines, drive his selfishness to serve him and no-one else. (I seriously doubt that he can even put his family before himself.) I don’t think he can put anyone before himself. His ego just won’t allow it.It’s highly unlikely that this lame excuse of a man can ever smarten up. I really don’t think he has the capacity to. He’s just too ignorant. Bullies tend to stay that way because they can’t learn from their mistakes, as they don’t make mistakes. At least, they don’t make them in their own mind. In their mind, they’re perfect and everything they do is perfect. When you perceive everything you do as perfect, where is the need to improve? This is the dilemma of our current Joker in Chief.

Yes, I said joker, as that’s all he his. He’s never been anything but a joker, more precisely a joke. He is the biggest joke our country has ever elected President. Thank you ignorant America for electing a wannabe Russian. You really know how to pick ’em. How do you feel now that you’ve been completely bamboozled by bullshit? Welcome home! Whatever this idiot does to destroy any resemblance of government that we once had, you idiots who voted for him deserve it. The real problem is that those who didn’t, which is the vast majority, don’t. They deserve another President. It’s time to recall this one. Donald J Drumpf, You’re fired….in my opinion, forever. I may only find solace in not ever seeing your face again, except for maybe in a coffin, waiting to be buried. Rest assured, Trump, you are the ugliest American I’ve ever known of. If there ever was a reason to deport a citizen, you make a convincing argument for it.

America, Trumped by a Drumpf, has Learned that P.T. Barnum taught Donald Everything He Knows About Being a Carney Barker.

Welcome to Trumpocracy! Where have you placed your trust? Is it trumst or is it trust?

This is what I’d like to hear;

Mr. Trump, It’s clear to see, you’re over your head.

You are not qualified to be where you are.

Donald Trump, You’re fired!

Find a new job.

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