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Trump ♥ Putin

Trump ♥ Putin

What do you call a man, who’s willing to gamble the future security of the world, for his own personal gain? What do you call a man without scruples, without compassion for the disadvantaged? What would you call a man who has so much trouble being truthful himself, that he’s taught his family how to lie indiscriminately. What do you call a man who’s instructed all of his companies to be as deceptive as he and his family are? What do you call someone who flagrantly flaunts the law, through this deception? And then claim that he’s being picked on. I think I hear a cry baby. (Bullies often are nothing more than crybabies.)

I know what I call a bully like this. I call him Trump. I can see straight through this swindler. He’s nothing more than a presidential con artist. A president who’s willing to be buddy-buddy with Russia (intimately). Actually, our President looks up to the Russian president because he wishes he could have that kind of power. This is a country that Trump trusts before he trusts the US. He actually puts their intelligence above his own country’s intelligence, so he trusts them before he trusts us.  In Trump’s eyes, there seems to be more validity in what Russia has to say than what his own country says.  It seems that he accepts their lies like he wants us to accept his lies. This tells me how little truth there is in Donald Trump’s world.

With that little amount of truth that exists in his world, how much of it is made up of lies and half-truths? Since we all know how much we can trust Trump, that gives me a good indication of how much we can trust the party that put him in power. I don’t trust anybody in the Trump family as far as I could throw papa Trump himself(and we all know how big he is). It also gives us a really good idea of how much we can trust this administration or what it accomplishes or has accomplished.

He has produced exactly the quagmire predicted by him during the campaign. He predicted that his opponent would be investigated all of her time in office distracting from the nation’s business. This is exactly what has happened, except it’s happening with him. This makes me wonder what else is he telling us about his habits by claiming someone else does them.  The only reason he made that claim is that he does it himself. This is your first hint to his crimes. He’s done it in the past, he’ll do it in the future. It’s his nature, he can’t help it and at 71 years old, he can’t change. He told everybody what would happen to her, if she won the presidency, by claiming that Hillary would be spending her time defending herself. He’s now doing that very same thing, defending himself, just what he accused his opponent of doing. It’s a key ploy that bullies use, which brings us to the new world that Donald wants us to live in. It alludes to why Donald likes Putin so much and why they get along so good. (Bullies of a feather flock together.)


Donald wants to control as much as he can. It’s bully nature. The nature of bullies is to control as much as possible. This points to why bullies are so narcissistic. It’s in their nature. I think this is what happens to babies that aren’t loved. It seems that they always have to try harder to get the attention they need and how they get it, isn’t all that important. Isn’t that how our president acts?

The Affinity of Bullies

He looks up to Putin. Trump trusts Putin before he’d trust his own wife. This was clearly evident in how good he got along with Putin, another bully like him, except that Putin is far more successful in his bullying due to the fact that he controls his country. Trump doesn’t control his country, especially like he thought he’d  be able to. And what control he has shown has proven to be very questionable.

Buyer’s Remorse from Trump’s Election

I’ve never seen much buyer’s remorse than what I’ve seen since this president’s term has started. He’s accomplished little to nothing and stands less of a chance of accomplishing anything for the remainder of his term if he lasts that long. He must have thought that the presidency was an easy job when actually turned out to be a just a job above his educational grade (which appears to be less than elementary).  His educational level is indicated by his propensity to tweet. His tweets prove his lack of education, except in how to use Twitter. Narcissists and egomaniacs have to draw attention to themselves any way they can, it’s their nature.

People in the wrong spend a lot of time defending themselves. People in the don’t transgress don’t need to defend themselves, even when they’re wrongly accused. Who do you know that likes to accuse people of crimes with no proof? People who’ve done no wrong won’t even defend themselves until they have to in court, which is always brought by a plaintiff with little to no evidence. Defending one’s actions is best left to the guilty. The innocent have too much to do to be bothered by defending themselves for something they didn’t commit.

This is why Trump has actually spent more time defending his actions and decisions than anything else. Why else would he be on Twitter defending himself a 3 AM? I don’t remember Obama doing that. But then, he never had to. Only the guilty need to defend themselves like Trump is doing. Obama was a popular president except to the far right and the right loaded media.They did as much as they could to not allow him to accomplish anything. They even bragged how they’d try to keep him from accomplishing anything, yet they failed.

They’ve learned, however, how to sucker the American people into believing that what they need in their lives is to be afraid of change.  (Make America great again?) Is not this a plea to return to old ways?  That kind of change, that puts us in reverse, can’t be a good change. If it’s the conservative party’s goal to instill fear in everyone, they just succeeded with me. But it’s not the fear they were looking for. This is a fear of those who instilled this fear.

Yes, I am afraid. I’m afraid of what Trump can do and what he will do. I’ve lived on disability for the better part of 25 years due to two severe strokes 34 years ago and nerve entrapment that I’ve lived with for 25 of those years. I’m afraid for my survival. You see, I’m one of those that Trump doesn’t like, the downtrodden. I’ve been this way ever since a drunk driver slammed into a car that I was riding in to put me in a coma for a month. I came out of the coma completely paralyzed and still live with some of that paralysis, today. Yeah, I’m afraid, I’m afraid for my survival and the survival of those like me, many of which served our country and are yet left fending for themselves with no help from those they gave up their freedom for.

Fear, the Foundation of Failure

Trump has built an administration on fear. Fear is not a good foundation. It’s actually a very crumbly one and I think that Trump knows this. I think he’s playing us like a poker hand, willing to gamble with money that’s not his, willing to take chances that he wouldn’t ordinarily make. Keep in mind, this man has already been in trouble with the law, with his business dealings. If that type of behavior got him into office, what’s to persuade him to change his colors? Donald has always used fear as a tool, just a terrorists do. Fear is what drives conservatism. That’s why conservatism is a dead end. Fear is a very low emotional tone and is controlled by more by what you eat than anything else. (If you doubt this, read my book, An Ultimate Cure for the World. Better yet, go keto and lose your fear of the unknown.) Fear is too often used for personal or private gain. In our country, fear is most widely used by bullies and corporations to achieve their own personal/corporate goals and aspirations. This practice of using fear, the kind that they like to impose on everyone, is the clearest form of evil one can present. Actually, that’s the definition of terrorism. How much more evil can you get, than terrorism?

Does that mean that our current President is a terrorist? Some in his own country, consider Putin a terrorist and he’s a successful bully, Trump is a wannabe bully compared to Putin, so he has to work extra hard at his bullying to be better than his idol. Are we one of his attempts? I just got a sick feeling. This can’t end well if something doesn’t change (in the form of new leadership). This may be a time for impeachment and prosecution of treason.

That is the only logical conclusion that I can ascertain from this presidency and it scares me, extremely. Now I’m hearing stories of collusion with Russians to smear Hillary during the campaign, which is exactly what happened. Now it makes sense. He is hiding something, but then when have you known Donald not to hide something. It’s his nature, he’s a real estate mogul. They always hide multiple things, as Donald has historically done throughout his career. Proof lies in all the trouble he’s been in with the law, in the past in his business dealings. That makes me wonder even more about collusion conspiracy with Russia to collect the emails that were released.

I’d be worrying more about what’s in his past emails. How much illegal activities would we find there? This man has proven to be a crooked, lying, power seeking individual who cares nothing about the law, let alone anything or anyone else. We’ve already seen how ignorant he is of the law? He can’t afford to be aware of it. That takes too much time. He’s too wrapped up in himself to take the time to learn what he should. In his mind, he already knows everything and can’t learn anything new. Like Putin, he needs conquest to feel important. This is why he admires Putin, the Conqueror. Putin can get away with that though, he owns his government, not the people. They only have the illusion of a people’s government. When the government controls the media they control the people. When the government can’t control the media the people control the government.

In our country, everything is driven by profit. It’s the nature of capitalism.  And it’s corporate profit that drives our economy and media, and thus our government. Because profit is so important, it’s become the “end all”, the utmost important goal a company can strive for. A free market society has a tendency to do this and this is why Trump uses his companies as tools to achieve his goals. Why pay debts when you can bankrupt companies like he does. What message does that send to everyone about responsibility? What message does that send about his honesty? With all those broken promises to pay, how can anyone believe this man?

This must be why he buys and bankrupts so many companies. They’re like toys to him. Now, he’s treating our country like another toy. I wonder if he’s going to bankrupt our country like he did to 6 of his companies. If this isn’t buyer’s remorse, I don’t know what is. I wonder how many other people feel the same way I do. Why did so many people believe him, in the first place? I wonder if those people who said they believe in him believed more in the fear he spread. That would make more sense, to me.

He’s certainly created more anger than any past candidate. Fear brings out anger, and that’s too bad. I would think that an educated person would know that.  Anger only serves the purposes of terrorists and bullies.  We know which one Donald is. I’m beginning to wonder if it’s both.  That is what tells me that Donald isn’t educated. His daddy must have bought his degree and diploma since Donald couldn’t have earned it himself. He just doesn’t have the intelligence to have done so.  He doesn’t even know how to stay quiet. He doesn’t have the capacity to be quiet.

Having to voice one’s self to defend oneself, as often as he does, is a sign of one who transgresses frequently. Sounds like typical behavior for a bully to me, doesn’t it, to you? That’s because he is a bully and that’s how bullies are. They’re boisterous, pugnacious and belligerent to say the least. Their innate desire to acquire more power just to prove their own worth to themselves. This is the nature of narcissism. It also the nature of bullies. That tells me that bullies are little more than narcissists. How many bullies do you remember from school that did well while they were in school? Were they smart, or just smart asses? What do you consider our president? Smart or smart ass, who loves to argue?

When are America and the Republican party going to learn that when you flaunt fear, you get anger, disgust, deceit and despicable behavior in return? Isn’t this exactly what we have right now in our government? It seems to me that our President’s name has become synonymous with falsifying facts. Before his term is over, people everywhere will be saying, “did you trump me?” “I don’t need your trumps, I need the truth.” My new mantra is, don’t Trump me, tell me the truth.

At this pace, in the disrupting our country by this man, no one stands a chance of survival if he remains in office. Our country has never been looked down on like it has since he’s taken office. Across the world more people despise our country than ever before which can only lead to more terrorism, as fear inevitably leads to anger, anger leads to terrorism.

The greatest gift you can give anyone is their dignity. This man makes a practice of taking away people’s dignity. He’s an expert at it. This is indicated in his words. His words, in showing his lack of education, show exactly how he loves to demean people. Demeaning anyone takes no education, it only requires a personal desire for more power or money, both of which Donald loves to accumulate. This to me proves the ignorance of what a lack of education can present in itself, as it’s done in our President. Stupidity breeds ignorance. Ignorance breeds fear. Fear breeds anger. It’s that simple and this president loves to prove his ignorance, due to his stupidity and narcissistic, bullying nature.

Does that make you think that he deserves to be where he is? If you do, then you’re complicit in our country’s demise. When shit hits your fan, don’t expect my help. I consider you more despicable than him because it was your vote that is ruining this already great country. In his attempt to make America great again, he’s destroying any resemblance to what’s made it great. Thank you, Donald, but I don’t need or want your leadership or influence in my government. Save it for your own failed companies, you’re accustomed to bankrupting them. I don’t need you to do it to my government.

Obama’s success compared to Trumps disasters

If one were to compare the success that Obama had in his first two years to the success that Trump has had, there’s no comparison. Trump’s done nothing but rescind as many of Obama executive orders that he can. That has only proven how ignorant and stupid his actions are. Are they constructive in any way? How can they be when they’ve proven to be destructive, as they have, in the past.























































How to Fight Terrorism and Hunger at the Same

The Best Way to Fight Hunger

Fights Terrorism As Well

Hunger pervades our society. Everybody experiences hunger every day. Some people experience hunger all day all night long. At least it’s thought so. Actually, those who go without food don’t often experience hunger except for the ones who haven’t broken the cycle of hunger. This is a cycle that controls hunger a few hours at a time at a time. This is also an addiction. This is your addiction to glucose. It works by playing with your hormones every your blood glucose level change. When you eat carbs your glucose levels are altered, it’s this alteration of your blood glucose levels that alter the reaction of your hormones. It’s those changes in your hormones that affect your behavior and makes you act in the manner you do. It’s those changes in hormones that also affect your hunger cycles.

This is a simple one. At least, to me, it’s simple. Actually, this may be the easiest and simplest cure for hunger that exists today. If you think it’s time for a cure for hunger, I’ve got the solution; to best fight hunger, you need to stop the hunger cycle. You need to do this not by feeding the starving people bags of flour and corn to eat, but by giving them education about nutrition and diet to get them off of the flour and corn diet. That is what makes them hungry and dependent on the grains for their diet. They will remain dependent until they either quit eating the grains or die. The death part always comes prematurely, always. This is the addiction part of the cycle.

Since you can live better without carbs (I’m proving that), your body does not need them. That is the definition of addiction, the body requiring something it doesn’t need and manifesting discomfort when it’s not available for the affected to use. This is the same as what an alcoholic goes through when they can’t get a drink. It’s what cigarette smokers feel when they need a smoke. It’s a need that has to be satisfied, but it can only be satisfied in your mind, where your hormones affect your emotions. They affect your emotions in your mind, more than anywhere else. This is your instruction center for the body, for what happens in the body and how you react to whatever stimuli affect the body.

How Glucose Creates Terrorism

The anger of glucose reliance: His blood sugars are low and it shows.

Your emotions should remain in your control, not in the control of what you eat. When you allow that to happen, you’re allowing the industry that controls what you eat, to control how you feel and what you do, by controlling your emotions. This is a cycle. It’s a cycle of dependence. It’s a cycle of dependence on the grain industry. Not the beef industry or dairy industry, simply the grain industry and its manufacturers and processors. It’s this industry that’s responsible for all glycation that occurs in your blood. It’s this industry that’s responsible for your hunger cycles and that put’s responsibility on them for your changes in emotions and behavior. It can also give them some responsibility for the terrorism that exists in the world today as it’s controlled by the amount of anger and hate that’s expressed which in turn is controlled by what controls the hate and anger and that’s a glucose diet. A diet that’s responsible for emotional changes by changing your hormones. This diet creates this hunger cycle that all who are living on a glucose diet can expect to live with. It’s the cost of a diet of carbs.

It’s not only a cycle of hunger, it’s a cycle of addiction. Every addict has to feed their addiction. When you feel hungry, what do you hunger for? What is the first thing you want to eat or drink? That tells you where your addiction lies. I know what you’re thinking right now, how can hunger to eat be an addiction? That’s the first question I’m asked, whenever I call this an addiction. This is how addictions work, they force your body to want something that it really doesn’t need. It creates discomfort in the body until that need is met. When that need is met, comfort takes place and damage internally begins. While your emotions are being controlled by your glucose infusion and making you feel comfortable, the glucose from the sugar and carbs is busy, very busy glycating whatever cholesterol or protein the glucose can find.

Desiccated Corn field loaded with glyphosate pesticide with enzyme changing chemicals that encourage cancer, heart disease and dementia.

Sugar Creates Hunger

Those grains not only increase hunger, but they’re the prime agent behind all modern diseases caused by the creation of glycation in the blood. That’s exactly what these foods do. How they do it, right now, isn’t important. What’s important is that these foods, in the manner in which they are digested, not only create the glycation but they create hunger as well. It’s this hunger they create that makes them addictive and dangerous to the point of deadly.

It has to do with the fluctuation of your hormones due to your diet of grains. Once grains are ground, they lose their fiber. This is important because it’s the fiber that slows down the breakdown of the sugars in the grains that influence your blood glucose. The slower those sugars are introduced into your system, the slower they raise your blood glucose. Most diabetics know this, as it’s the quick rise in blood glucose that is responsible for the glycation and the release of hormones that disrupt the normal functions of the body. This is what drives the hunger cycle. This is what makes everyone hungry. My theory is to eliminate this cycle, and to eliminate the cycle, means changing the equation, the equation of digestion. The best way to change that equation is to changes the factors of the equation, in this case, one factor. All you have to do to cure hunger and glycation is to remove carbohydrates from the equation and thus the diet. The solution is that simple. Maybe not easy, but simple.

When one considers the fact that the primary driver of hunger is a carbohydrate diet, it’s easy to see that the solution for hunger is to eliminate the hunger of hunger by changing the diet. Taking carbohydrates out of the diet removes the hunger factor and thus the hunger cycle. Anyone doubting this can go on the diet that I’ve been on for three years and they’ll know. Three years on the diet that I’ve been on will not only convince anyone of this concept, it will also improve their health in unimaginable ways. The last time I got hungry was 3 yrs 2 weeks ago. That was when I broke my addiction to glucose. Others who are on this diet will tell you the same thing, they don’t get hungry and the reason they don’t get hungry is that they don’t have the glucose going through their systems to create the hunger cycle.

Because this is an addiction, those who still eat carbs, can’t see. You have to break the addiction to know this. That’s the way it is with any addiction, you can’t see it while you’re in it. Yet, almost everyone knows that sugar is addictive. I think because nobody wants to equate that sugar with carbs, they don’t want to fully grasp that the carbs they were told they need, is sugar. Carbs, something you were told you have to have, breaks down to the exact same thing as sugar, and that’s glucose. Yet, they’re still telling everyone to eat whole grains. Maybe it’s always been spoken of in that manner because it seemed to justify our need for it. That, my friends, is the definition of co-dependent and I think you know what that deals with when co-dependency deals with a substance,  Well here’s your news flash; sugar including carbs is addictive. That means that carbs are an addictive food to eat. It’s also deadly, deadlier than alcohol, deadlier than heroin, cigarettes and drug addiction, even opioid addiction. Sugar addiction, responsible for ECC, Excessive Carbohydrate Consumption is the deadliest addiction a person can have. It’s responsible for over 2000 deaths every day in the US alone. That number jumps to over 50,000 worldwide (daily). I can guarantee a manifestation of disease-causing AGEs to anyone who consumes a diet of grains. How much they consume will dictate how much glycation they get to deal with, but they will deal with it, guaranteed. The manner in which you cure the glycation will also cure the hunger. What it does is to wipe out the hunger cycle (and it does it altogether), it also does to the glycation cycle. That is how you cure hunger. That is also how you conquer and cure all modern diseases. You can do it in one fell swoop. This is exciting.

To me, the cure for hunger is the same cure for all the modern diseases that are responsible for over 2000 deaths every day. If you cure one, you cure the other. That will go miles to cure the problem of hunger around the world. We need to stop supplying the world with our killing field grains. It’s the hunger that proves the addictive nature of carbs. Once you break the addiction, you lose the hunger cycle and without a cycle to create your hunger, the hunger can’t exist. Hunger is then cured. You just have to solve the problem of too many people going without nutritious food and being subjected to a diet of non-nutritious food, which includes the category of grains.

Because Sugar Creates Hunger, Glucose Creates Terrorism

It’s the cycle of hunger that’s responsible not only for growth, but also for all harm done in the name of growth or progress, as well as advancement, or security, or improvement Those are all desires driven by the cycle of hunger. It’s this cycle of hunger that drives these emotions. Deep down inside, you know this to be true. After you eat, when your blood sugars are at their highest, you are at one of your most relaxed attitudes of the day. The only other times you feel this secure is right after you eat any meal or snack (unless you’re consciously cheating on a diet and are dealing with guilt issues). This is the high side of the cycle, this is when you feel that everything is OK, “my stomach is full and I don’t feel like I need anything except to sit here and relax for a minute. This is how you feel at the end of Thanksgiving Dinner, Christmas Dinner, New Years Day dinner, Easter Dinner, etc, etc, etc. This is also the end of every meal you eat, to some extent. This is the glucose hitting your bloodstream, waiting to give you fuel for energy. This is also the start of glycation and the hunger cycle.

It’s the start of glycation because all that glucose you just put into your blood by eating your starchy grains, is now floating all through your blood after being broken down to glucose, starting with the saliva in your mouth. That means that before it hits your stomach, your blood glucose levels are reacting. This is the start of the hunger cycle to which there is no end until you stop feeding it. When your blood glucose levels fall and your stomach starts to shrink just a little bit after the digestion of your meal, that triggers your stomach to release Ghrelin, your hunger hormone. That’s the hormone that nobody on a carbohydrate diet can resist. That’s because many of those on a carb diet must satisfy that Ghrelin hormone. Once they get hungry they feel the need to satisfy their hunger usually with some form of carbohydrate more than anything else. This is the low side of the cycle that drives people to abhorrent behavior because of their need. This hunger and satiety cycle influences almost every other cycle our bodies go through. It’s what drives all human behavior, of those that are on a carbohydrate diet. This is the cycle that drives people into the use and abuse, of social media to slander, attack, and accuse without evidence, others they disagree with. As the Late Gwen Ifill said, “we have to guard against how we treat each other”. I noticed it was cancer that took Gwen from us.

This manner in how we treat each other is one of the reasons why I’m writing this post about what this food source that Monsanto has given us to eat is doing to everyone who eats it. Up until I watched Food, Inc, (Monsanto only played a small part in my equation. I didn’t realize they were behind this to the extent that they actually are. I now see that they are a much larger part of it than I expected.)

What their grains do with their glycating destruction starts with premature aging. It does that by driving fat production and the glycation factor that influences all modern disorders. That figures into everything glycation plays a factor in. Glycation is another name for inflammation. I know this. I’ve experienced the release from the addiction. The evidence in my books proves this. I know why we behave like the society that we do. It has to do with what we eat.

Nobody will believe me until they heed my advice and kick their own addiction. Only then, can they see the true light? I can guarantee the light you’ll see is a light of freedom, true freedom. Freedom from the cycle of hunger that drives virtually every other cycle. If you can eliminate this cycle, you can eliminate everything this cycle creates and drives, starting with obesity and diabetes and moving on to glycation. That will go far to improve not only health, but mental attitudes, and hence better emotional outcomes and less strife. That is true freedom, freedom from the cycle of hunger, freedom from the cycle of addiction. Freedom from the wild roller coaster ride of emotional swings. The freedom I experience is true freedom as this cycle does not affect anybody on a purely ketogenic diet. We’re not subject to the hunger cycle that the carb diet requires. By the same token, we’re not subject to the glycation cycle of destruction either. This cycle is also at the root of all violence and terrorism, as it subject to the same hormonal changes that control your emotions, as explained above. These emotions are just slightly altered because of their influence from the glucose fluctuations in your blood.

To control the glucose fluctuations, the easiest way is to control what feeds the cycle. That means to control the cycle you need to control the introduction of glucose into your body. Controlling the flow of sugars (carbs and fructose) is the only way you can control the blood glucose fluctuations. As easy as this may sound, that may be furthest from the truth. Controlling the inflow of carbs into your body is as difficult as fighting any addiction, because that’s exactly what you’re doing, fighting an addiction. That’s also why you must break the addiction, addictions kill prematurely and you can live without this addictive food.

This brings me to the conclusion that a ketogenic diet is the optimal diet for a society to be following for the best health of the society. The ketogenic diet not only removes the hormonal control out of the equation, it removes glycation out of the equation. That makes it a truly win, win diet for everyone to follow.

The problem here is sticking to a ketogenic diet. We’ll cover that here because it’s not only important, it’s vital to convert to the ketogenic diet to save yourself and our society as a whole. This is also how curing hunger can also cure terrorism by curing abhorrent behavior by removing your emotions from the hunger cycle. This removal of your emotions from the hunger cycle has multiple other benefits for your emotional behavior. It puts those emotions back in your control and not the control of the industry that promotes them. It also returns other emotional control you’d thought you’d lost years ago. The control you lost was a relinquishing of control to the industry that has addicted you. This isn’t your fault. You’ve always eaten carbs and sugar. They were considered healthy at one time. That again is because of their addictive nature.

In order to be able to stick to a ketogenic diet does that does mean breaking the addiction. Once it’s broke, you’ll know it and you’ll know it firmly, distinctly. It’s a feeling I still remember clearly, three years later. It’s a feeling of freedom. It’s a feeling of freedom from dependence on a substance that is as satisfying as it as dangerous. That is what makes it so dangerous, the fact that is so satisfying, so satiating, so hormonal fluctuating. That makes it also emotionally fluctuating. That makes it prone to emotional outbursts and terrorism. If you control your emotions and not let what you eat control them, that gives you more control over your emotional reactions and the consequences of those emotional reactions. This is a small synopsis of the control that glucose has on your actions and reactions. I being on a ketogenic diet do not experience this control of my emotions or actions or reactions due to glucose influence. I’ve learned how to live without that influence. I learned that three years, two weeks ago. It may have been the best day of my life. But I have to admit that sticking to a ketogenic diet is difficult to get into. It took me over two years to transform into the diet I’ve been on since I started writing my books. One thing I know is that I could have never accomplished this without being on this diet. It’s not only overcome severe chronic pain, but it’s also overcome pre-diabetic conditions as well as high blood pressure, chronic constipation from the drugs that were prescribed, near obesity, and brain drain, more than anything else. Being on my ketogenic diet has sharpened my brain to a point I wish it could have been when I was in school.  Boy, would my life have been different.

This is why I want to help you succeed in your attempt to convert, it’s that important for our society if we’re to end hunger and terrorism. In order to do that I recommend to stop buying everything that raises your blood glucose more than 50 pts on the glycemic index. This will keep your blood glucose levels from reaching glycating or hunger cycling proportions. This is the starting point that I used when I started three years ago. I cut out bread first. That was the hardest because that included everything that flour is used in. To do otherwise is not giving up the bread. After the magic came from giving up the bread, I switched those calories to calories from higher fiber carbs like vegetables and fresh fruit. I was still reluctant to put dairy in my diet then, as I still have some Almond Milk in my fridge, I didn’t realize it then because my knowledge hadn’t grown to the point to where I decided to go completely ketogenic, so I was still putting more sugar in my body than what I am now, where I’m experiencing the improvements in my mental functions as well as my physical abilities.  I’m actually healing my paralysis, little by little. My fight side is actually getting more functional every day that I remain on this diet,

That is why I decided to convert to a completely keto diet after two years of simply a low carb diet. That may have got me to my weight goal, but it wasn’t getting me my brain back. Quitting bread prompted me to quit all grains and starchy carbohydrates like potatoes and beans. That felt so great, I decided to go completely keto approximately one year ago. That’s when I started my website and started writing all the information that I’m packing into three books. If anyone else were doing this I would think it phenomenal. But because it’s myself doing this, I’m just driven to get this information out there where the public can see it. Killing my mother has become my driving force to get this known. My ability to accomplish this working in a state of paralysis, to me is phenomenal. for that I have to thank Dr. Perlmutter, Thank you, Dr. Perlmutter, I couldn’t have done this without your book or advice.

For those who want something to kill? I’ve got something for you to kill. Kill your hunger cycle. Kill it before it kills you first. Monsanto may have different ideas, though. Their profits depend on your hunger cycle. Their drug industry depends on your hunger cycle. Your hunger cycle drives you to eat more and more carbs to satisfy that hunger cycle. If you want to kill something worth killing, kill your hunger cycle and do it as quick as you can. The following report from Wikipedia shows why;

The influence of funding on research and the management of conflicts of interests as explained from The New England Journal of Medicine (Aug 19, 1993)

“Conflict of interest” in the field of medical research has been defined as “a set of conditions in which professional judgment concerning a primary interest (such as a patients welfare or the validity of research) tends to be unduly influenced by a secondary interest (such as financial gain).”]

In the early 1900s private companies such as the Carbolic Smoke Ball Company,[15] Mrs. Winlow’s Soothing Syrup[16]among other snake medicine remedies were solicited around the world and were the cause of many deaths due to misinformation. Information was not readily available to consumers nor was it required of the pharmaceutical producers to inform their customers of the ingredients that they were consuming. Samuel Hopkins Adams was an investigator to uncover the wide corruption and falsehoods that existed within the American pharmaceutical industry. He is quoted saying: “Gullible America will spend this year some seventy-five millions of dollars in the purchase of patent medicines. In consideration of this sum it will swallow huge quantities of alcohol, an appalling amount of opiates and narcotics, a wide assortment of varied drugs ranging from powerful and dangerous heart depressants to insidious liver stimulants; and far in excess of all other ingredients, undiluted fraud.”[15]

Regulation on industry-funded biomedical research has seen great changes since Samuel Hopkins Adams declaration. In 1906 Congress passed the Pure Food and Drugs Act of 1906.[16] In 1912 Congress passed the Shirley Amendment to prohibit the wide dissemination of false information on pharmaceuticals.[16] The Food and Drug Administration was formally created in 1930 under the McNarey Mapes Amendment to oversee the regulation of Food and Drugs in the United States.[16] In 1962 the Kefauver-Harris Amendments to the Food, Drug and Cosmetics Act made it so that before a drug was marketed in the United States the FDA must first approve that the drug was safe.[16] The Kefauver-Harris amendments also mandated that more stringent clinical trials must be performed before a drug is brought to the market.[15]The Kefauver-Harris amendments were met with opposition from industry due to the requirement of lengthier clinical trial periods that would lessen the period of time in which the investor is able to see return on their money. In the pharmaceutical industry patents are typically granted for a 20-year period of time, and most patent applications are submitted during the early stages of the product development.[15]According to Ariel Katz on average after a patent application is submitted it takes an additional 8 years before the FDA approves a drug for marketing.[15] As such this would leave a company with only 12 years to market the drug to see a return on their investments. After a sharp decline of new drugs entering the US market following the 1962 Kefauver-Harris amendments economist Sam Petlzman concluded that cost of loss of innovation was greater than the savings recognized by consumers no longer purchasing ineffective drugs.[15] In 1984 the Hatch-Waxman Act or the Drug Price Competition and Patent Term Restoration Act of 1984 was passed by Congress.[16] The Hatch-Waxman Act was passed with the idea that giving brand manufacturers the ability to extend their patent by an additional 5 years would create greater incentives for innovation and private sector funding for investment.[17]

The relationship that exists with industry-funded biomedical research is that of which industry is the financier for academic institutions which in turn employ scientific investigators to conduct research. A fear that exists wherein a project is funded by industry is that firms might negate informing the public of negative effects to better promote their product.[15] A list of studies show that public fear of the conflicts of interest that exist when biomedical research is funded by industry can be considered valid after a 2003 publication of “Scope and Impact of Financial Conflicts of Interest in Biomedical Research” in The Journal of American Association of Medicine. This publication included 37 different studies that met specific criteria to determine whether or not an academic institution or scientific investigator funded by industry had engaged in behavior that could be deduced to be a conflict of interest in the field of biomedical research. Survey results from one study concluded that 43% of scientific investigators employed by a participating academic institution had received research-related gifts and discretionary funds from industry sponsors.[11]Another participating institution surveyed showed that 7.6% of investigators were financially tied to research sponsors, including paid speaking engagements (34%), consulting arrangements (33%), advisory board positions (32%) and equity (14%).[11] A 1994 study concluded that 58% out of 210 life science companies indicated that investigators were required to withhold information pertaining to their research as to extend the life of the interested companies’ patents.[11] Rules and regulations regarding conflict of interest disclosures are being studied by experts in the biomedical research field to eliminate conflicts of interest that could possibly affect the outcomes of biomedical research.

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What do you fear? What scares you more than anything else? What shakes your foundation down to the bone? Do you know why it scares you? Have you rationalized your fear or simply justified it? Have you ever wondered about its cause? Do you know why this fear terrifies you like it does? Is this fear that’s been instilled in you something to be anxious about or should you be concerned about or is it something to be stressed about it?  Is it something to worry about, or is it something to dwell on and make a phobia out of, or is it something to be rationally afraid of, or is it an irrational phobia or, or is it a downright terror? Does this fear become a Phobia because of its tendency to linger? Is that healthy? Is any of it healthy?

When does your anxiety become a concern?  When does your concern become stress? When does your stress become a worry? When does your worry become rational fear? When does it become an irrational fear? When does it become a phobia? When does it become downright terror? When does it become a horror? Or when do you make it a horror?

Can You Abate Fear?

Can your fear be abated? Or do you let it eat at you? With our current President, abating it is difficult at the least, improbable at the mean, and impossible at the norm to overcome. If you let it eat at you, have you tried to rationalize it? Or do you simply justify it? Are you justifications valid? Or are they manufactured by an overactive imagination? What would happen if you did abate your fear? Will it change any outcome? Will it change your attitude? Will that have an effect on your hormones? You know that fear affects your hormones, don’t you? Do you know what this fear does to your body chemistry? Do you know how it changes your hormones? Do you know how those hormones affect your body? Do you know how those hormones affect your brain? Do you know how those hormones affect your behavior and actions? Do you know how those hormones affect your decisions or reasoning? Do you know how those hormones affect your perceptions? Do you know how those hormones affect your judgment?

What do you do with a concern? What do you do when it becomes stress? What do you do when it becomes a worry? What do you do when it becomes a rational fear? What do you do when it becomes an irrational fear? What do you do when it becomes a phobia? I define a phobia as a fear that’s become an obsession. What do you do when it becomes downright terror? Do you let it overtake you or do you try to control it? Do you realize that what you fear may fear you more? Do you realize that sometimes, fear is the only thing you need to fear? Do you realize that if you can’t do anything about, there’s no point in fearing it?

What do you blame for the rampant expression of fear these days? Why do you blame that? Who do you blame for it? Why do you blame them? Do you have to listen to this rampant expression of fear? Does it make you angry? Why do you think it’s promoted like it is? Is it to make you angry? Is to make you afraid? You do know that fear and anger go together, don’t you? Did you know that they trigger the same hormones in your body? Did you know that these hormones do long-term damage to your body? If long-term stress will damage your body, what does long-term worry or rational fear do to it? Do you allow this fear to control you? Or do you control it? Has it been used on you? For what purpose was it used? Did you approve of it? Do you trust people who use fear as a tool? Have you used it as a tool? If terrorists use it as a tool, what separates you from a terrorist?

Can you do or say anything about the spreading of fear? What effect do you think that would have? Would it be positive or negative? Who would benefit? Who would hurt? Do news agencies have to continue to spread fear to convey their message? Does that make them purveyors of fear? What do those who chose to pursue this have to gain? What is their motivation?

Should all wrongs be avenged?

If you take action, do you realize that whatever action you take because of your fear, will happen back to you? Who benefits from your actions? Are you aware of how history will view you, for taking this action? Are your actions for personal gain? Are your actions for political gain? Are your actions for religious gain? If your actions are for religious gain, do you think your actions will canonize you in your religion? Are you one of those who has visions of grandeur? Is that why you take your action?

Do you take action against others because of fear? Is this fear rational or irrational? Or is it just a worry or something to stress about? Are your actions for vengeance? Is your vengeance justified? What justifies it? Do you fear the consequences your actions will bring? Have you been able to put yourself in the other’s shoes, to see and feel what they see and feel? Do you act because you have to or because you want to? Is your action a reaction? If so, what is it you’re reacting to? What is it that validates your actions or reactions? Why does that validate your actions and reactions? Are those validations for personal, political or religious purposes or gains? Who benefits and who does it harm? In what ways are others aided, hampered or harmed by your fear? How are you aided, hampered or harmed by your fear?

When you decide to take action, who are you going to take action against? Why that person or entity? What will be the long-term consequences? What will be the short-term consequences? Who will that effect? Do you think about these things when you feel any of these fears? Do you think that other people do? Do you think that other people should consider these things when appraising their fear?

Do you use fear as a tool, yourself? If so, what separates you from a terrorist? Don’t you both use fear as a tool to achieve your goals? Is it the degree that you use fear that differentiates you from a terrorist? At what point does your application of fear, that’s being used for personal or political gain become a terror and when do you become a terrorist? Isn’t one man’s terrorist another man’s revolutionist? Are certain actions necessary or just threats needed to be considered terrorism?

Spreading fear is a definition of terrorism.

Does provoking fear, create anger? What happens to your emotions when you’re scared? What kind of fear provokes the worst anger? Is anger an emotion that should be experienced while making decisions about the nation that will affect the world? Does a leader who provokes fear in all, make a better leader? Should or could that leader listen to dissension about his leading without provoking fear? If he/she can’t, is that an indication of what kind of leading, they’ll do? The ineptness of regretless is exposing its ugly head when this President of ineptness makes us regret his stead.

If we’re to conquer terrorism, don’t we have to conquer fear? If we’re to conquer it, can’t we keep creating it in our newscasts simply for the sake of bringing in and keeping viewers for bigger ratings? What newscast in your opinion spreads the most fear? Which one spreads the least? Is their purpose to seek greater ratings only, or do they have political motivations for using fear as a tool? What differentiates them from terrorists?

Newscasts always have to incite a little fear to bring the viewer in and then again right before they go to commercial to bring the viewer back after the commercial break. Otherwise, they’ll lose their viewer during the commercial. In doing this, they’re creating fear where none exists, simply to retain their viewer’s attention. This is where the many of unnecessary fears start, many times. They’re blown out of proportion to gain viewership and when other newscasts pick up on it because of the interest it peaked, they often become full blown phobias.

Too often, it seems, that fear is thrust upon us for personal or political gain. Politicians use it to command millions of ignorant people to do what they would not ordinarily do when they’re not in fear. Fear makes you do crazy things sometimes, simply because they seem sensible. It can’t allow you to be sensible. Fear itself is often irrational. How can anything irrational lead to sensible acts?

Usually, it’s simply fear of the unknown. Even our worst fear, fear of death is nothing more than fear of the unknown. When one doesn’t know what lies around the corner, hesitation, then trepidation tend to arise. Of course, war zones are far worse than city streets, but the danger exists in both. If it’s a corner we’re familiar with the fear is less, simply because we know what’s there.

When someone asks me, what scares me? I say people who are afraid. I’m scared of people who run around being afraid of what they’re told to fear when it’s the fear itself that they should fear. Wasn’t it FDR who said in his inaugural speech “fear is the only thing we have to fear”? He was trying to thwart a run on the banks in the midst of the great depression, but it applies more today than it did during the depression. Can you see that the simple expression of fear validates terrorist’s actions because that’s their goal? Can you see where this forces terrorists to continue their practice of terrorism, simply because it works? Is it that hard to understand that if a tactic doesn’t work, you change it? Is it then hard to understand that if a tactic works you continue it? Doesn’t it reason, to not allow a tactic to work to make it impotent? Doesn’t it make sense to not allow fear to cloud the judgment? Fear drives people to do crazy things that they would never do if the fear never existed. Rationality exits the room when fear enters. It’s been said that fear is a disease that you can either control or it controls you. Which would you prefer? If you let it control you, when do you become a slave to your fear? Is that freedom? Can you truly be free while being afraid?

When attacked by irrational fear, all reasonable thinking goes right out the door with it leaving all those in fear, subject to the control of their emotions, which puts them in direct control of their hormones. Fear makes us all do things we’d rather not do when we not afraid. Fear conjures hormones that influence our behavior in ways that many times are detrimental not only to ourselves but to others in our home or community. Yet, there are some entities around the world who believe that spreading fear is the best way to promote their agenda.

More often than not, fear manifests itself in anger, so as to appear not afraid. We all know how rationally we think when we’re angry. This is what makes fear so dangerous; its propensity to become anger, and when it does that, the damage it manifests is too often, deadly.

Those who enjoy this kind of behavior are nothing more than bullies. I can remember dealing with them in grade school. Something I learned in grade school is that you don’t bow do bullies. Once people start expressing fear the bully know that his tactics are working.

This makes me wonder about all who use fear to achieve their goals. Is anyone who uses fear to achieve their goals a terrorist? If so, what does that make our Republican Party? They’re experts at using fear to achieve their goals. They’ve taught the world how to use fear to achieve unreachable goals. This makes me wonder; if a political party is so willing to use fear to achieve its goals, does that mean that they’ll use terrorism also? Isn’t terrorism the enemy? Doesn’t that make fear the enemy? Doesn’t that mean that those who use fear to achieve their goals are the real terrorists, enemies to American ideals?

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