Storm Survival – Emergency Hurricane Survival

Storm Survival – Emergency Hurricane Survival

To many it seems strange to have a survival plan for preparedness. Goods and services are always available. To many survival-ism is getting out the woods. For many each year surviving in the city becomes a reality when some sort of natural disaster or other situation arises. Very quickly, a disaster  can become a survival situation, which you should be prepared for. Often the last thing you think about during a flood is water. With all the water around, finding clean drinking water may be difficult, at the easiest.

Flooding : Flooded street in the city emergency survival preparedness

One needs to be prepared in case emergency services can’t reach you in time to keep your family alive. This could happen for any number of reasons, roads may be clogged with traffic or they may not even exist any more due to floods, earthquake, hurricane or tornado damage. For whatever the reason emergency services may take too long to get to you to ensure your survival and that of your family.

For many flooding, mud slides, hurricanes, snow storms, and fires can turn normal city life into a bit of a mess for a few days and sometimes a few weeks. Most are good about getting insurance for these situations in case there is some property damage but do very little about being prepared to wait out the situation. There are services that can help you out in time of need, but depending on the service and the day you need it, they might run into major problems themselves and may not be able to reach you in time.

It’s in these cases when you need to make sure that you have some basic supplies in your home in the form of a 72 hour emergency survival kit that can rely on if you were to be stuck inside for a few days or had to move on to another location because of fire danger or the weather. We all know how devastating a hurricane or tornado can be. But what if you live in an earthquake zone of near a volcano that’s likely to erupt at any time. Maybe you live in a region that’s susceptible to blizzards and have to live with the possibility of being snowed in.

A  home 72 hour emergency home survival kit is important because home is where you and your family spend most of the time and safety and security are what home is all about. It’s home where your family is and they’re the very first people you would want to be safe should a disaster arise. The survival kits found at home are usually weatherproof and in durable containers. It should also be portable so it can readily be carried to any parts of the house. It should contain enough food to feed a family of two, three or four for up to 3 days.

Having a 72 hour emergency survival kit is only part of your concern though. You also need a plan of action and lists of what to do, what not to do, when to do it and when not to do anything. You should have lists and separate kits for everyone in your family because each one’s needs are different and they more than likely have different requirements. This is evident if you have a family member who’s diabetic or asthmatic of kids with ADD or ADHD or any other form of developmental disability. This makes compiling your different emergency survival kits even that much more important, as you need to make sure there’s enough of the right kind medicine ofr each one in the family that needs it.

Having a plan for everyone in the family is as crucial as having a plan for each type of disaster so that during the stressful time everyone can focus on the plan and not be panicking because panic is your worst enemy. The last thing you’ll need in that time is anyone prone to panic. By focusing on your plan and lists you’ll be able to keep your attention focused on what’s need and there won’t be any time for panicking.

As mentioned above, think of about issues personal to each member in your family when laying out your lists and plans. If you are a diabetic, think about how you would handle your diabetic supplies during a time like this. If anyone is disabled your first consideration is going to be how to attend to their needs.

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