Survival & Preparedness

Survival & Preparedness

Survival and preparedness are the most often overlooked aspects of any outdoor adventure. Regardless of your level of experience or the degree of difficulty you choose to undertake, sooner or later you will be forced into a survival situation. One of the survival books I have recently read made mention that we have become aliens on our own planet. It’s a deep and profound statement if you really think about it. How many people do you know that could (or would even try) to function without a cell phone, credit cards, television, the internet, fast food, or the grocery store? The writer went on to say that statistically, the degree of danger is much higher at an ATM late at night in a big city than it is in the wilderness if you are prepared.

Wilderness Survival : A hiker in the extreme wilderness succumbs to dehydration while in the remote desert, indicated by an old, empty canteen. emergency survival preparedness

The fact is, no matter how well we prepare there will always be factors beyond our control. Mechanical failure, forces of nature, and human behavior are difficult to predict and impossible to control. With that in mind, the question shifts from “what if”, to “will I be prepared when I’m faced with adversity?” It’s surreal to realize that a stocking cap, a book of matches, and a bottle of water could save your life.

Wilderness Survival : Portrait of an asian chinese backpacker cooking on a camping gas stove while hiking and exploring on a tourist adventure in the wilderness mountains

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