Emergency Survival Kit For Emergency Survival Preparedness

Emergency Survival Kit For Emergency Survival Preparedness

Wherever you live, the need to have emergency survival preparedness could be critical to your survival. Deteriorating weather conditions alone are a major disaster waiting to happen. It matters little whether you reside in the country or the heart of a large metropolitan city, the effects, either way, can be devastating.

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Just take a moment or two each day, for a few weeks to examine the amount of adverse weather which we’re being subjected to and count how many months go between some form of a natural disaster occurring. Do you live in an area that’s open to any kind of catastrophic event? In America, do you live along the southeastern coast or in the far south where you might be affected by hurricanes? Or in the mid-west tornado zone? or along the west coast, Ring of Fire,  earthquake/volcano zone? Maybe you live in the far north where you’re subject to extreme cold and blizzard condition snow-ins. As anyone who lives anywhere in the Ring of Fire can tell you, earthquakes, volcanoes, and tsunamis are a daily threat to life.

Since the events of 9-11 more citizens are paying attention to their emergency survival preparedness more than at any other time in our history. The terror attack in New York City was a wake-up call for many fellow Americans as it should have been. Preparedness has many branches of which evacuation is but one of them. And you should never assume that you can weather out any disaster by simply staying indoors. Frequently in the name of safety, we must leave our normal residence for safer grounds. Hurricanes, tornadoes, wildfires, floods, and landslides are a testament to this and if you live in an area that is susceptible to any of these natural disasters, your emergency preparedness may be your only line of defense for you & your family’s survival.

72-hour emergency survival kits or as I prefer to call them, Bug Out Bags contain the necessary supplies and equipment to a person to survive on the road, outdoors or in their house (if they’re stranded), for a period up to three days. A three day Bug Out Bag can be used not only while you are in route to a safe location but also within your home while awaiting a rescue party’s arrival because you never know how long you might be stranded in your home. Besides the fact that most government agencies are going to be overwhelmed, roads may be clogged with traffic, or they might not even be there anymore. They could be flooded, snowed in, blocked by landslides or wildfires or so torn up that any help that is going to come is inevitably going to be delayed.

If you’re planning to create a three-day survival kit or a Bug Out Bag, you are likely wondering what you should place in it to ensure your family’s survival. There is equipment readily available on this site and in your local department or discount store most at a reasonable cost. Many stores are even now stocking 72-hour emergency survival kits because they know the importance of them. Always consider the season of the year when planning your purchase of supplies and choose products that are not affected by freezing or extremely hot temperatures. The following items are recommended to get you started. You’ll have to add your own supplies tailored to your family’s needs, to your emergency preparedness kit or Bug Out Bag.

  • Some sort of material to construct a temporary shelter such as a tarp
  • Appropriate clothing for the season
  • A poncho or rainwear
  • Blankets
  • Several extra pairs of socks
  • Gloves
  • Sufficient water and food for each person in the family for 3 days
  • First aid kit with splints, bandages, medicines and any other vital supplies, tailored to your family needs
  • Maps or a GPS as well as a compass
  • Battery powered radio as your cell phone may or may not work due to overloaded circuits
  • Important papers packed in waterproof plastic pouches
  • Matches, lighter or flint and Vaseline laden cotton balls in a watertight container to build a fire with
  • Cooking  equipment and something to cook on with your campfire (this is where a little camping experience helps)
  • Multipurpose knife like a Swiss Army Pocket Knife

The above list is merely a starting point, there are a lot more additional supplies that could easily be included in your survival bag. Each member of the family should have a personal bug out bag designed and packed for their specific needs. This would apply to small children as well. Include activities in the little one’s kits to keep them occupied while traveling to a safe location. Since space in your vehicle will be at a premium choose your content wisely don’t bring unnecessary items with you. In other words,  leave the curling iron and hair blower at home.

Preparation Is The Key To Survival 

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