Emergency Survival Kit

Emergency Survival Kit

There are many different types of emergency kits available to the general public. In fact, emergency preparedness is such a general term that it really doesn’t even give a clear picture of what any particular individual kit is actually for. Is an emergency kit a first aid kit, or is it more like a wilderness survival kit? These are definitely different things, and depending on which particular one you are looking at buying, an emergency survival kit could actually be either one.

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A good emergency survival kit should be one that covers more than one particular disaster or contingency, however. While a portable first aid kit is always a good thing, it only covers first aid situations and not other emergencies such as the need to signal someone when trapped or lost or make shelter in the wilderness if you are lost.

A truly excellent emergency survival kit is one that is designed for a general emergency preparedness as well as first aid. There should be some kind of a signal, like a small whistle. Because three blasts on a good whistle can be heard from a very long distance and that is the international signal for help.

In a wilderness emergency survival kit there should also be material for starting a fire. This isn’t just water proof matches or a flint and steel, but should also include something like loose cotton or some type of fire starter that is going to make starting a fire much easier. Putting a wad of Vaseline inside the cotton ball works excellent for a fire starter. They start up fast and burn for a long time.

Emergency survival kits are well known Lifesavers

A Home 72 hour home emergency survival kit is important because home is where you and your family spend most of the time and safety and security are what home is all about. It’s home where your family is and they’re the very first people you would want to be safe should a disaster arise. The emergency survival kit found at home is usually weatherproof and in durable containers. It should also be portable so it can readily be carried to any parts of the house. It should contain enough food to feed a family of two, three or four for up to 3 days.

There are many other materials that should be put into a quality emergency survival kit, depending on your needs, where you live, the type of emergencies that can happen where you live, and any special need that you require, but these, listed above, are a good starting base to any good kit.

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