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How to Fight Terrorism and Hunger at the Same

The Best Way to Fight Hunger

Fights Terrorism As Well

Hunger pervades our society. Everybody experiences hunger every day. Some people experience hunger all day all night long. At least it’s thought so. Actually, those who go without food don’t often experience hunger except for the ones who haven’t broken the cycle of hunger. This is a cycle that controls hunger a few hours at a time at a time. This is also an addiction. This is your addiction to glucose. It works by playing with your hormones every your blood glucose level change. When you eat carbs your glucose levels are altered, it’s this alteration of your blood glucose levels that alter the reaction of your hormones. It’s those changes in your hormones that affect your behavior and makes you act in the manner you do. It’s those changes in hormones that also affect your hunger cycles.

This is a simple one. At least, to me, it’s simple. Actually, this may be the easiest and simplest cure for hunger that exists today. If you think it’s time for a cure for hunger, I’ve got the solution; to best fight hunger, you need to stop the hunger cycle. You need to do this not by feeding the starving people bags of flour and corn to eat, but by giving them education about nutrition and diet to get them off of the flour and corn diet. That is what makes them hungry and dependent on the grains for their diet. They will remain dependent until they either quit eating the grains or die. The death part always comes prematurely, always. This is the addiction part of the cycle.

Since you can live better without carbs (I’m proving that), your body does not need them. That is the definition of addiction, the body requiring something it doesn’t need and manifesting discomfort when it’s not available for the affected to use. This is the same as what an alcoholic goes through when they can’t get a drink. It’s what cigarette smokers feel when they need a smoke. It’s a need that has to be satisfied, but it can only be satisfied in your mind, where your hormones affect your emotions. They affect your emotions in your mind, more than anywhere else. This is your instruction center for the body, for what happens in the body and how you react to whatever stimuli affect the body.

How Glucose Creates Terrorism

The anger of glucose reliance: His blood sugars are low and it shows.

Your emotions should remain in your control, not in the control of what you eat. When you allow that to happen, you’re allowing the industry that controls what you eat, to control how you feel and what you do, by controlling your emotions. This is a cycle. It’s a cycle of dependence. It’s a cycle of dependence on the grain industry. Not the beef industry or dairy industry, simply the grain industry and its manufacturers and processors. It’s this industry that’s responsible for all glycation that occurs in your blood. It’s this industry that’s responsible for your hunger cycles and that put’s responsibility on them for your changes in emotions and behavior. It can also give them some responsibility for the terrorism that exists in the world today as it’s controlled by the amount of anger and hate that’s expressed which in turn is controlled by what controls the hate and anger and that’s a glucose diet. A diet that’s responsible for emotional changes by changing your hormones. This diet creates this hunger cycle that all who are living on a glucose diet can expect to live with. It’s the cost of a diet of carbs.

It’s not only a cycle of hunger, it’s a cycle of addiction. Every addict has to feed their addiction. When you feel hungry, what do you hunger for? What is the first thing you want to eat or drink? That tells you where your addiction lies. I know what you’re thinking right now, how can hunger to eat be an addiction? That’s the first question I’m asked, whenever I call this an addiction. This is how addictions work, they force your body to want something that it really doesn’t need. It creates discomfort in the body until that need is met. When that need is met, comfort takes place and damage internally begins. While your emotions are being controlled by your glucose infusion and making you feel comfortable, the glucose from the sugar and carbs is busy, very busy glycating whatever cholesterol or protein the glucose can find.

Desiccated Corn field loaded with glyphosate pesticide with enzyme changing chemicals that encourage cancer, heart disease and dementia.

Sugar Creates Hunger

Those grains not only increase hunger, but they’re the prime agent behind all modern diseases caused by the creation of glycation in the blood. That’s exactly what these foods do. How they do it, right now, isn’t important. What’s important is that these foods, in the manner in which they are digested, not only create the glycation but they create hunger as well. It’s this hunger they create that makes them addictive and dangerous to the point of deadly.

It has to do with the fluctuation of your hormones due to your diet of grains. Once grains are ground, they lose their fiber. This is important because it’s the fiber that slows down the breakdown of the sugars in the grains that influence your blood glucose. The slower those sugars are introduced into your system, the slower they raise your blood glucose. Most diabetics know this, as it’s the quick rise in blood glucose that is responsible for the glycation and the release of hormones that disrupt the normal functions of the body. This is what drives the hunger cycle. This is what makes everyone hungry. My theory is to eliminate this cycle, and to eliminate the cycle, means changing the equation, the equation of digestion. The best way to change that equation is to changes the factors of the equation, in this case, one factor. All you have to do to cure hunger and glycation is to remove carbohydrates from the equation and thus the diet. The solution is that simple. Maybe not easy, but simple.

When one considers the fact that the primary driver of hunger is a carbohydrate diet, it’s easy to see that the solution for hunger is to eliminate the hunger of hunger by changing the diet. Taking carbohydrates out of the diet removes the hunger factor and thus the hunger cycle. Anyone doubting this can go on the diet that I’ve been on for three years and they’ll know. Three years on the diet that I’ve been on will not only convince anyone of this concept, it will also improve their health in unimaginable ways. The last time I got hungry was 3 yrs 2 weeks ago. That was when I broke my addiction to glucose. Others who are on this diet will tell you the same thing, they don’t get hungry and the reason they don’t get hungry is that they don’t have the glucose going through their systems to create the hunger cycle.

Because this is an addiction, those who still eat carbs, can’t see. You have to break the addiction to know this. That’s the way it is with any addiction, you can’t see it while you’re in it. Yet, almost everyone knows that sugar is addictive. I think because nobody wants to equate that sugar with carbs, they don’t want to fully grasp that the carbs they were told they need, is sugar. Carbs, something you were told you have to have, breaks down to the exact same thing as sugar, and that’s glucose. Yet, they’re still telling everyone to eat whole grains. Maybe it’s always been spoken of in that manner because it seemed to justify our need for it. That, my friends, is the definition of co-dependent and I think you know what that deals with when co-dependency deals with a substance,  Well here’s your news flash; sugar including carbs is addictive. That means that carbs are an addictive food to eat. It’s also deadly, deadlier than alcohol, deadlier than heroin, cigarettes and drug addiction, even opioid addiction. Sugar addiction, responsible for ECC, Excessive Carbohydrate Consumption is the deadliest addiction a person can have. It’s responsible for over 2000 deaths every day in the US alone. That number jumps to over 50,000 worldwide (daily). I can guarantee a manifestation of disease-causing AGEs to anyone who consumes a diet of grains. How much they consume will dictate how much glycation they get to deal with, but they will deal with it, guaranteed. The manner in which you cure the glycation will also cure the hunger. What it does is to wipe out the hunger cycle (and it does it altogether), it also does to the glycation cycle. That is how you cure hunger. That is also how you conquer and cure all modern diseases. You can do it in one fell swoop. This is exciting.

To me, the cure for hunger is the same cure for all the modern diseases that are responsible for over 2000 deaths every day. If you cure one, you cure the other. That will go miles to cure the problem of hunger around the world. We need to stop supplying the world with our killing field grains. It’s the hunger that proves the addictive nature of carbs. Once you break the addiction, you lose the hunger cycle and without a cycle to create your hunger, the hunger can’t exist. Hunger is then cured. You just have to solve the problem of too many people going without nutritious food and being subjected to a diet of non-nutritious food, which includes the category of grains.

Because Sugar Creates Hunger, Glucose Creates Terrorism

It’s the cycle of hunger that’s responsible not only for growth, but also for all harm done in the name of growth or progress, as well as advancement, or security, or improvement Those are all desires driven by the cycle of hunger. It’s this cycle of hunger that drives these emotions. Deep down inside, you know this to be true. After you eat, when your blood sugars are at their highest, you are at one of your most relaxed attitudes of the day. The only other times you feel this secure is right after you eat any meal or snack (unless you’re consciously cheating on a diet and are dealing with guilt issues). This is the high side of the cycle, this is when you feel that everything is OK, “my stomach is full and I don’t feel like I need anything except to sit here and relax for a minute. This is how you feel at the end of Thanksgiving Dinner, Christmas Dinner, New Years Day dinner, Easter Dinner, etc, etc, etc. This is also the end of every meal you eat, to some extent. This is the glucose hitting your bloodstream, waiting to give you fuel for energy. This is also the start of glycation and the hunger cycle.

It’s the start of glycation because all that glucose you just put into your blood by eating your starchy grains, is now floating all through your blood after being broken down to glucose, starting with the saliva in your mouth. That means that before it hits your stomach, your blood glucose levels are reacting. This is the start of the hunger cycle to which there is no end until you stop feeding it. When your blood glucose levels fall and your stomach starts to shrink just a little bit after the digestion of your meal, that triggers your stomach to release Ghrelin, your hunger hormone. That’s the hormone that nobody on a carbohydrate diet can resist. That’s because many of those on a carb diet must satisfy that Ghrelin hormone. Once they get hungry they feel the need to satisfy their hunger usually with some form of carbohydrate more than anything else. This is the low side of the cycle that drives people to abhorrent behavior because of their need. This hunger and satiety cycle influences almost every other cycle our bodies go through. It’s what drives all human behavior, of those that are on a carbohydrate diet. This is the cycle that drives people into the use and abuse, of social media to slander, attack, and accuse without evidence, others they disagree with. As the Late Gwen Ifill said, “we have to guard against how we treat each other”. I noticed it was cancer that took Gwen from us.

This manner in how we treat each other is one of the reasons why I’m writing this post about what this food source that Monsanto has given us to eat is doing to everyone who eats it. Up until I watched Food, Inc, (Monsanto only played a small part in my equation. I didn’t realize they were behind this to the extent that they actually are. I now see that they are a much larger part of it than I expected.)

What their grains do with their glycating destruction starts with premature aging. It does that by driving fat production and the glycation factor that influences all modern disorders. That figures into everything glycation plays a factor in. Glycation is another name for inflammation. I know this. I’ve experienced the release from the addiction. The evidence in my books proves this. I know why we behave like the society that we do. It has to do with what we eat.

Nobody will believe me until they heed my advice and kick their own addiction. Only then, can they see the true light? I can guarantee the light you’ll see is a light of freedom, true freedom. Freedom from the cycle of hunger that drives virtually every other cycle. If you can eliminate this cycle, you can eliminate everything this cycle creates and drives, starting with obesity and diabetes and moving on to glycation. That will go far to improve not only health, but mental attitudes, and hence better emotional outcomes and less strife. That is true freedom, freedom from the cycle of hunger, freedom from the cycle of addiction. Freedom from the wild roller coaster ride of emotional swings. The freedom I experience is true freedom as this cycle does not affect anybody on a purely ketogenic diet. We’re not subject to the hunger cycle that the carb diet requires. By the same token, we’re not subject to the glycation cycle of destruction either. This cycle is also at the root of all violence and terrorism, as it subject to the same hormonal changes that control your emotions, as explained above. These emotions are just slightly altered because of their influence from the glucose fluctuations in your blood.

To control the glucose fluctuations, the easiest way is to control what feeds the cycle. That means to control the cycle you need to control the introduction of glucose into your body. Controlling the flow of sugars (carbs and fructose) is the only way you can control the blood glucose fluctuations. As easy as this may sound, that may be furthest from the truth. Controlling the inflow of carbs into your body is as difficult as fighting any addiction, because that’s exactly what you’re doing, fighting an addiction. That’s also why you must break the addiction, addictions kill prematurely and you can live without this addictive food.

This brings me to the conclusion that a ketogenic diet is the optimal diet for a society to be following for the best health of the society. The ketogenic diet not only removes the hormonal control out of the equation, it removes glycation out of the equation. That makes it a truly win, win diet for everyone to follow.

The problem here is sticking to a ketogenic diet. We’ll cover that here because it’s not only important, it’s vital to convert to the ketogenic diet to save yourself and our society as a whole. This is also how curing hunger can also cure terrorism by curing abhorrent behavior by removing your emotions from the hunger cycle. This removal of your emotions from the hunger cycle has multiple other benefits for your emotional behavior. It puts those emotions back in your control and not the control of the industry that promotes them. It also returns other emotional control you’d thought you’d lost years ago. The control you lost was a relinquishing of control to the industry that has addicted you. This isn’t your fault. You’ve always eaten carbs and sugar. They were considered healthy at one time. That again is because of their addictive nature.

In order to be able to stick to a ketogenic diet does that does mean breaking the addiction. Once it’s broke, you’ll know it and you’ll know it firmly, distinctly. It’s a feeling I still remember clearly, three years later. It’s a feeling of freedom. It’s a feeling of freedom from dependence on a substance that is as satisfying as it as dangerous. That is what makes it so dangerous, the fact that is so satisfying, so satiating, so hormonal fluctuating. That makes it also emotionally fluctuating. That makes it prone to emotional outbursts and terrorism. If you control your emotions and not let what you eat control them, that gives you more control over your emotional reactions and the consequences of those emotional reactions. This is a small synopsis of the control that glucose has on your actions and reactions. I being on a ketogenic diet do not experience this control of my emotions or actions or reactions due to glucose influence. I’ve learned how to live without that influence. I learned that three years, two weeks ago. It may have been the best day of my life. But I have to admit that sticking to a ketogenic diet is difficult to get into. It took me over two years to transform into the diet I’ve been on since I started writing my books. One thing I know is that I could have never accomplished this without being on this diet. It’s not only overcome severe chronic pain, but it’s also overcome pre-diabetic conditions as well as high blood pressure, chronic constipation from the drugs that were prescribed, near obesity, and brain drain, more than anything else. Being on my ketogenic diet has sharpened my brain to a point I wish it could have been when I was in school.  Boy, would my life have been different.

This is why I want to help you succeed in your attempt to convert, it’s that important for our society if we’re to end hunger and terrorism. In order to do that I recommend to stop buying everything that raises your blood glucose more than 50 pts on the glycemic index. This will keep your blood glucose levels from reaching glycating or hunger cycling proportions. This is the starting point that I used when I started three years ago. I cut out bread first. That was the hardest because that included everything that flour is used in. To do otherwise is not giving up the bread. After the magic came from giving up the bread, I switched those calories to calories from higher fiber carbs like vegetables and fresh fruit. I was still reluctant to put dairy in my diet then, as I still have some Almond Milk in my fridge, I didn’t realize it then because my knowledge hadn’t grown to the point to where I decided to go completely ketogenic, so I was still putting more sugar in my body than what I am now, where I’m experiencing the improvements in my mental functions as well as my physical abilities.  I’m actually healing my paralysis, little by little. My fight side is actually getting more functional every day that I remain on this diet,

That is why I decided to convert to a completely keto diet after two years of simply a low carb diet. That may have got me to my weight goal, but it wasn’t getting me my brain back. Quitting bread prompted me to quit all grains and starchy carbohydrates like potatoes and beans. That felt so great, I decided to go completely keto approximately one year ago. That’s when I started my website and started writing all the information that I’m packing into three books. If anyone else were doing this I would think it phenomenal. But because it’s myself doing this, I’m just driven to get this information out there where the public can see it. Killing my mother has become my driving force to get this known. My ability to accomplish this working in a state of paralysis, to me is phenomenal. for that I have to thank Dr. Perlmutter, Thank you, Dr. Perlmutter, I couldn’t have done this without your book or advice.

For those who want something to kill? I’ve got something for you to kill. Kill your hunger cycle. Kill it before it kills you first. Monsanto may have different ideas, though. Their profits depend on your hunger cycle. Their drug industry depends on your hunger cycle. Your hunger cycle drives you to eat more and more carbs to satisfy that hunger cycle. If you want to kill something worth killing, kill your hunger cycle and do it as quick as you can. The following report from Wikipedia shows why;

The influence of funding on research and the management of conflicts of interests as explained from The New England Journal of Medicine (Aug 19, 1993)

“Conflict of interest” in the field of medical research has been defined as “a set of conditions in which professional judgment concerning a primary interest (such as a patients welfare or the validity of research) tends to be unduly influenced by a secondary interest (such as financial gain).”]

In the early 1900s private companies such as the Carbolic Smoke Ball Company,[15] Mrs. Winlow’s Soothing Syrup[16]among other snake medicine remedies were solicited around the world and were the cause of many deaths due to misinformation. Information was not readily available to consumers nor was it required of the pharmaceutical producers to inform their customers of the ingredients that they were consuming. Samuel Hopkins Adams was an investigator to uncover the wide corruption and falsehoods that existed within the American pharmaceutical industry. He is quoted saying: “Gullible America will spend this year some seventy-five millions of dollars in the purchase of patent medicines. In consideration of this sum it will swallow huge quantities of alcohol, an appalling amount of opiates and narcotics, a wide assortment of varied drugs ranging from powerful and dangerous heart depressants to insidious liver stimulants; and far in excess of all other ingredients, undiluted fraud.”[15]

Regulation on industry-funded biomedical research has seen great changes since Samuel Hopkins Adams declaration. In 1906 Congress passed the Pure Food and Drugs Act of 1906.[16] In 1912 Congress passed the Shirley Amendment to prohibit the wide dissemination of false information on pharmaceuticals.[16] The Food and Drug Administration was formally created in 1930 under the McNarey Mapes Amendment to oversee the regulation of Food and Drugs in the United States.[16] In 1962 the Kefauver-Harris Amendments to the Food, Drug and Cosmetics Act made it so that before a drug was marketed in the United States the FDA must first approve that the drug was safe.[16] The Kefauver-Harris amendments also mandated that more stringent clinical trials must be performed before a drug is brought to the market.[15]The Kefauver-Harris amendments were met with opposition from industry due to the requirement of lengthier clinical trial periods that would lessen the period of time in which the investor is able to see return on their money. In the pharmaceutical industry patents are typically granted for a 20-year period of time, and most patent applications are submitted during the early stages of the product development.[15]According to Ariel Katz on average after a patent application is submitted it takes an additional 8 years before the FDA approves a drug for marketing.[15] As such this would leave a company with only 12 years to market the drug to see a return on their investments. After a sharp decline of new drugs entering the US market following the 1962 Kefauver-Harris amendments economist Sam Petlzman concluded that cost of loss of innovation was greater than the savings recognized by consumers no longer purchasing ineffective drugs.[15] In 1984 the Hatch-Waxman Act or the Drug Price Competition and Patent Term Restoration Act of 1984 was passed by Congress.[16] The Hatch-Waxman Act was passed with the idea that giving brand manufacturers the ability to extend their patent by an additional 5 years would create greater incentives for innovation and private sector funding for investment.[17]

The relationship that exists with industry-funded biomedical research is that of which industry is the financier for academic institutions which in turn employ scientific investigators to conduct research. A fear that exists wherein a project is funded by industry is that firms might negate informing the public of negative effects to better promote their product.[15] A list of studies show that public fear of the conflicts of interest that exist when biomedical research is funded by industry can be considered valid after a 2003 publication of “Scope and Impact of Financial Conflicts of Interest in Biomedical Research” in The Journal of American Association of Medicine. This publication included 37 different studies that met specific criteria to determine whether or not an academic institution or scientific investigator funded by industry had engaged in behavior that could be deduced to be a conflict of interest in the field of biomedical research. Survey results from one study concluded that 43% of scientific investigators employed by a participating academic institution had received research-related gifts and discretionary funds from industry sponsors.[11]Another participating institution surveyed showed that 7.6% of investigators were financially tied to research sponsors, including paid speaking engagements (34%), consulting arrangements (33%), advisory board positions (32%) and equity (14%).[11] A 1994 study concluded that 58% out of 210 life science companies indicated that investigators were required to withhold information pertaining to their research as to extend the life of the interested companies’ patents.[11] Rules and regulations regarding conflict of interest disclosures are being studied by experts in the biomedical research field to eliminate conflicts of interest that could possibly affect the outcomes of biomedical research.

This is almost a definition of what Monsanto has accomplished in the last 40 years and they seem to be doing their level best to increase their power. It’s their food that glycates your blood. It’s their food that addicts you to eat more and more of their food. It’s their food that creates the hunger cycle that drives your behavior. It’s this company that is forcing farmers to grow their seed to grow the crops to put on your table to eat. That means that it’s this company that is responsible for over 45,000 deaths every day, across the world from ECC, Excessive Carbohydrate Consumption. ECC is the deadliest addiction mankind has ever experienced. It’s Monsanto who’s infiltrated their execs into the offices of the USDA and the FDA the government departments that control all the agencies and offices within them.

This has given them unprecedented control over what goes in our mouths to eat. That has given them full control over the diseases and disorders all who eat their food will acquire. That is something I can virtually guarantee. Why? It lies in the science of a glucose diet, the deadliest diet man can use. To get the whole story read; Ultimate Cure for the World

Thank you, Monsanto, but I ardently refuse to take part in your ruse.


Terrorism, A Consequence of Past Actions and Choices

gallery-thumbnailsTerrorism by definition is the use of fear to achieve political goals. Although it’s done (as we see it) by mostly radicalized extremists for political purposes, it’s also done by the media and political candidates (in milder forms albeit), to procure and retain viewers and voters. It’s used to be done out of desperation. Now it’s done out of necessity.

Those committing acts of terrorism do it because they see no other alternatives for resolution of their differences.Their only goal is to instill fear in as many people as they can, to achieve their goals. I remember bullies in school when I was a kid who acted in exactly the same way. If anyone ever responded to their threats, they knew immediately that they had control over that person. They knew also that they had absolutely no control over anyone who didn’t react to their threats. If they never showed that they feared him, his threats were groundless. The best way to deal with bullies was always to ignore them. If no one paid attention to them, they lost their power.

The best way to fight terrorism is to ignore it and not yield to it. If you don’t fear it, it loses its value. When you show fear to terrorists, you validate their actions. That is aiding and abetting, in my opinion, and it’s done by every news agency when they broadcast the story. They have to. They do it under the guise, “the public has a right to know” and they do it for ratings. They have to create fear to keep their viewer tuned in. How else are they going to keep their viewer? It’s also done by political pundits, and even worse, candidates for President. This action, in itself, is aiding and abetting the terrorists by showing them that their actions are working to create fear.

Remember what FDR said in his inauguration speech, “Fear is the only thing we have to fear.” What he said is truer today than it ever was during the depression. Today, it’s threats to our lives. Then, it was threats to our money. But the basic premise of his speech applies today if not more than it did, then, fear is the only thing we have to fear.

Yet, I see one political party stuck in fear. They’re stuck in fear as though that’s all they have to cling to. Their platform is based on fear….fear of what’s happened in the past. Those who live in the past are more often than not, blind to the future, because of their clinging fears of the past. I wonder if consideration of events like those of today, were considered at all when making choices in past diplomacy with the nations of the regions where terrorism exists? I also wonder how much the military industrial complex has to do with it? After all, it’s only in their best interest that the military stay engaged, to combat the threat.

I can see where the military industrial complex would and could influence past diplomacy to influence today’s terrorism. Kind of like the food industrial complex controlling the grain industry to control the behavior of everyone they can sell their food to. The problem with their food is that it’s addictive. Terrorism isn’t addictive. Fear can be conquered, and conquered rather easily. You just don’t fall for it. Just ignore it. Treat it as though it’s of no consequence. Then, it loses its power. This makes me wonder why the Republican Party likes to use fear, so much, for a motivating factor.

I can’t help but think that prior influence in the Republican party in years past, has fostered the climate of today’s turmoil. I see the desire to control the population through conservative media as bringing about the current state of Republican Party. People are backing an opportunist, neither republican nor democrat, but a mere opportunist. Evidenced by his donation to both parties that were made as a businessman. He’s a businessman. All businessmen have respectable qualities, but their education doesn’t exactly entail matters of national security matters, or matters of state.

The reason people want to see this man in charge is that no one controls him. But that’s also his problem, no one influences him. That’s what also makes him dangerous. His education does not lie in matters of state or national security. If they did, his outlook on foreign trade would be different. He’s a salesman and a damn good one. To be able to sell yourself as the best choice for leader of the free world, when you have little experience in not more than negotiation, is the best sales job ever done on a mass of people.

I see the Republican base looking at someone who used to be a Democrat, acting as a Republican now. He still has to think as he did in the past when he was a Democrat and donated money toward their causes. Or does this must mean that Donald changes color when convenient like a chameleon, never true to anything he says or implies. That makes sense. It’s all for the show! Now, it’s the Steve Bannon show and it’s driving a climate of fear…which ultimately drives the hate and anger, then the violence. I see only fear and the consequences of it, the hate, antagonism, and violence. This is exactly how evil works. Can someone tell me what it’s doing trying to run our country? Donald Puts the I in run, as far as our government is concerned.

I wish this meant that the Republican base is less right-wing than it was before, but unfortunately, I can’t see it as that? I see this as a shift back from the far right .wing Tea Partyists. They’ve just proven to be too polarizing. I see a party controlled by fear. I see a party who uses fear to sell their politics.

What concerns me more is while both parties worry about the deaths from terrorism, prescription drug abuse, and heroin, they’ve become complacent in their acceptance of the deaths from sugar addiction and the disease it brings, such as cancer, heart disease, Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.  Simply because of their own addiction to this substance, we’ll continue to experience these diseases and deaths for a long time to come.  The world needs to recognize the value of the ketogenic diet to put an end to these diseases. I’ll let you read more about that at Save Your Dignity. You can find your cure here!


Fear – The Pervasion of Fear in Our Society and How It’s Used For Political Gain

Fear – The Pervasion of Fear in Our Society and How It’s Used For Political Gain

Always overlooked as a reason for why mass shootings take place is something that only a few educated men want to suspect. It seems that the real reason mass shootings take place is because of nothing more than anger, and the pervasion of it in our media. None of any mass shootings that have been done in the US recently, were not done in anger, unless another crime such as robbery or kidnapping was being committed at the same time. (translation; in every instance, the perpetrator was angry about something) The first thing we should be asking ourselves is why are so many, seemingly ordinary, normal American people, so angry? What are the major causes of this anger, and what can we do to quell it?

Of the reports that I’ve heard or seen, almost every time something like this happens, the news reports show, in most cases, an angry young man willing to die for what he believes is a loss of his freedom. Somehow, it seems that he believes the government is encroaching on his freedoms and rights. Or it concerns deranged people, willing to give up everything, for what they see as an injustice. 

Whether or not, this is happening, is immaterial. Whether just angry or completely deranged, unfortunately, too many people feel exactly like these young men, that government is taking away too much of the freedom of many of our citizens. It’s here that the violence begins. When the expression of those rights, start to infringe upon the rights of others, violence seems to be the “go to” mode of reacting to the threat. Little thought is given otherwise, usually because of other reasons that I’ll explain later.

The fact of the matter is, outside of the times we’ve had to live with prohibition, few if anyone, one has ever lost any of their freedoms, to government control within the last 150 years since slavery was abolished, unless they broke the law. It’s true that corporations have lost a good deal of their freedoms throughout the 20th century, mostly because corporations have the luxury of being able to abuse their freedom legally. Usually, it’s done under the guise of “profits and stockholder returns”. This stockholder appeasement is a necessary function of our corporate industry as all corporations are made up of stockholders and they have to be kept happy to keep their money invested in the corporation. But it’s this abuse of freedom through the guise of having the same rights as individuals, that corporations are destroying the fabric of America through the necessity to keep their stockholders happy.

Corporate Influence in Driving Fear

This is where another part of the problem lies. Corporate power, too often, is stronger than the Government that is supposed to regulate and control abuse of that corporate power. It’s the use of wealth to disseminate anti-regulation propaganda to the people who are most willing to stand up and revolt against the Government, that’s hurting America more than anything else. This anti-regulation propaganda is always coupled with anti-government propaganda in the form of “too much government control, too much taxes, or too little freedom to be able to conduct business, profitably”, when it really boils down to too little freedom to be able to continue the abuse, that corporations have become accustomed to committing.


Because of this expanding belief of infringement upon their rights (through the encouragement of big business), this tends to permeate this subculture of young white men, and now even women, and they seem to feel the need to express their anger toward those who are least likely to oppose their protest (pacifists), about their loss of freedoms. Is this an indication that this type of personality is weak and scared? Of course, it is! We know that they’re afraid of losing their freedoms. So much so, that they’re willing to give up their freedom to save that freedom for everyone else. This, to me, is insanity, this idea of nobility. This is blind nobility brought about to generate fear and hate. To my thinking, that’s evil. Why anyone would give up their freedom under the guise that they’re “losing their freedom to government control“? It boggles my mind. I can’t understand why people believe the propaganda that’s fed to them by the very same people who profess “to be on their side” when they’re actually not. These feeders of propaganda want to control these people (voters) to continue their destructive behavior, because of the profitability in the manner of conducting business in this way, and that keeps the stockholders happy.

It seems obvious to me that corporate America is doing the influencing. But why do they believe that the only way to incite change is to incite anger and fear? Is this the result of corporate abuse, again? Finding legal ways to influence this subculture of young white radical patriots to influence the government to do their bidding for them is the biggest display of corporate irresponsibility, that’s ever been perpetrated on this nation. It’s the use of mass media that’s bringing about massive distrust in our government, mostly through one news media that come upon the scene about 30 years ago, that’s fueling this distrust. Why a conservative media source wants to control how this low class of Republican voters vote, is not beyond anyone’s understanding. What’s good for corporate America, is assumed to be good for everyone in America. At least, that’s what is professed. But is it, really?

We don’t have the resources that corporate America has, which severely limits our power to achieve the goals and objectives. that corporate America does. Their power is unlimited, or so they think. This is where the limitation of power should begin in corporate America. Our founding fathers knew about the abuse of power. They built into our system of governance, protections design to thwart this abuse of power. Isn’t it time we started to control the abuse of corporate power? If our government’s power is controlled, why isn’t corporate power? After all, they have more power than the Government, already. Why do they want more? The simple answer is control. This is where the true power lies, control to move the masses. To influence the thinking of the people so they vote like you want them to. This is the kind of control our founding fathers wanted to prevent, not foster, isn’t it?

People who promote fear, anger and hatred are causing most, if not all, the mass shootings and violence that are taking place in America today

My contention is that it is the people who promote anger and fear, that are causing most, if not all, the mass shootings and violence that are taking place in America today. If we can control this dissemination of the propaganda that’s turning our own population against our Government, we can control this wave of mass violence. But the government can’t express this control. It has to come from the voters, the very ones who sought to revolt against the Government. It’s these voters who need to realize that they are being Patsies. They’re being used by corporate America to influence the American government to make laws for the benefit of corporate America alone. They need to wake up and smell the coffee. The control of this block of voters is crucial to corporate America to achieve its goals and objectives. The problem is, that this block of voters are influenced too much by their emotions, fear and anger, and corporate America is using that fear and anger to further their goals. This is what this block of voters need to understand, they are being used.

So who really is pulling the trigger, in these heinous crimes? Is it the gun itself? Is it the gun industry that provides the guns? Or is the mental health segment of our medical industry who overlook the mentally ill? Is it lack of education for gun owners that could be causing this epidemic?

No, I don’t think it’s any one of these.

It’s our culture of guns throughout our country’s history, as well as our culture of disbelief in our own country’s system of governance and the need to protect ourselves, that’s perpetuating this increase of adherent and unfortunately abhorrent behavior. It’s this culture of disbelief in our own country’s government and the dissemination of this belief, in an angry, fearful manner that is fueling this subculture of radical “patriots” and is really causing these a good of these mass shootings.

How often did this happen before the emergence of Fox News and far-right wing propaganda? It was a rare occasion that any mass shootings happened, on their own, prior to recent history (e.g. last 30 years) and Fox News being part of our daily news feed equation. I have to wonder is, Rupert Murdoch (owner of Fox News) trying to ruin America? He is Australian of course, but I can’t believe that anyone can be that destructive. I have to believe that he’s just searching for more power to peddle his influence, to increase his what power he already has.

Even the protests of our government in the 60’s and 70’s were peaceful, for all intents and purposes, and they didn’t include firearms, with the exception of law enforcement officers. Most were peaceful rallies following the example of Gandhi, and Martin Luther King, yet the conservative government in force still thought it necessary to sometimes use their firearms (often in the guise of protection), to hurt peaceful protesters.

This makes me wonder if it wasn’t this action of the government in the past that has brought on the behavior of those who seek to protest, today. Did the killing of innocent protesters 50 years ago influence too many (supposed) patriots who feel the need to express their protest differently today? Have they taken it to the next level? Are they trying to do away with whatever they feel is threatening their freedom? And since they have little respect of the entity upon which they have chosen to wage war with, they chose the only path that’s been opened up to them, by those agencies who report the news in the manner which these people prescribe to. Thank you, Breitbart? Er, no thank you, rather, curse you.

It is my contention that it’s the responsibility of the news agencies and commentators who report the news in this manner and that are preying on their ever-present fear and anger of the Government that pervades their audience, which is causing this recent explosion in mass violence. They’re also praying that their influence is going to pay off in dividends of higher profits to enable them to keep more people under their influence. This sounds like the definition of evil to me, doesn’t it to you?

This begs the questions, why are protesters from the right so ready to take up arms, while the protesters from the left turn to more passive protests. Is it because the pacifists don’t experience the fear that these conservative “patriots” feel? Or, is it because, they know that our country is safest when we invite discourse, as long as the discourse is shared in a peaceful and respectful manner. Either reason that they feel that way, and why they feel the way should be expressed more in the news media than the fear and anger that we’re currently exposed to now, in today’s world.

So, why are black protesters, gay rights protesters, Hispanic protesters and those others who have been recently recognized for their protests of inequality, less likely to take up arms in their protest, than the protesters on the other side of the political spectrum, the far right? Why do they feel they have a need to enjoy their “freedom”, by taking up arms, in protest of change that they don’t approve of?

Why is it they want to express their anger by making others feel what they’ve had to feel their whole life, fear? Why do they want to spread this feeling of fear? What are the motivating factors that drive men to use terroristic tactics of spreading fear and anger? Is it a desire for control? If it is, why do so many profess to be Christians? I’m a Christian. I believe that Jesus dies for my sins. I also believe, as all other Christians should believe, that God is in control, and doesn’t need any of my help.

I would like to address two reasons for the anger. The anger exists. We know that. What we speculate, are the reasons for its existence. Why are so many people angry? And why are some groups more vocal about it than others? Why are some groups willing to go to further lengths to bring their point to the foreground to be noticed? Why are some groups willing to kill to make their point known? Why are some people willing to be terrorists to get their point across?

This stems from something, I feel, nobody has looked at. It’s the same thing that’s causing most illnesses and diseases in the world today. Studies have borne this truth, which we not only are what we eat but our thinking changes as we eat and grow hungry. And this changes our motivations in how we think, speak and act. The biggest factor in our behavior, in my opinion, is our diet.

We live in a world that has told us to eat grain foods. We’re told to eat them in massive quantities. We’re told that this food is good for us, as long as it’s in a form which satiates our appetites quickly and raises our blood sugars quickly, releasing massive amounts of feel-good hormones and neurotransmitters, such as, Seratonin, Dopamine and Leptin, it’s good for us. Or so we believe. This is what’s been advertised to us. This food is healthy because it satisfies our appetites so quickly and makes us all feel so good, so fast. And we all believed it. What else were we supposed to do?

All of these are chemicals that make us feel good while our blood glucose (sugar) is high but bring us crashing down within a couple hours, making anyone who ingests this type of food, irritable, uncomfortable, anxious and more than anything else, a little bit frightful. The fright is brought on the anxious feeling we get to live with when we have an empty stomach and the body is in need of more glucose to keep functioning. It’s the release of Ghrelin that forces us to eat more to bring back up the levels of Serotonin, Dopamine, and Leptin. It’s the bringing back up of these chemicals that bring our thinking and actions back to sensible levels. For more information about fighting hunger, see how fighting hunger also fights terrorism. For more information on how to fight your hunger, read It’s Time for the Ultimate Cure

It’s in this interim that bad decisions take place. This time of hunger, when we’re feeling all these other emotions, play on our sensibilities, not allowing us to fully see the folly in some of our decisions, that we make bad decisions. This happens, in my opinion, because we act irrationally during these times when our hormones and neurotransmitters have gone array because of the lack of glucose in our bodies and our need to re-supply it with more carbohydrates.

It is my contention that it is our diet, high in carbohydrate foods that fuel this cycle of extreme highs and lows that cause the enormous changes in the chemical structure of our hormonal composition, that brings on this abhorrent behavior. In other words, it’s our high carbohydrate diets that are at the root of this violence that is pervading our society.

The emergence of Fox News, in my opinion, adds to this abhorrent behavior because of the same thing, fear and a diet high in non-nutritional high starch carbohydrate food. The owner of this news media has taken it upon himself to profess his beliefs and do his best to influence what would be normal American citizens to act out in defiance of the law and our government, to fight what they’re are being told is an invasion of their freedom. The people who control Fox News operate their company from a standpoint of fear and often use anger to get their points across. I guess they don’t want to realize that this kind of behavior, while it might be selling them a lot of books and lining their pockets with cash, it serves absolutely no purpose in limiting the amount of violent behavior. Nor does it do anything to quell the fear and anger that this personality type thrives on.

That fear and anger seem to be expanding at an exponential rate, now. This brings up to many other questions to be answered in this statement. But, it conjures the statement that FDR made in 1932 though, “The only thing we have to fear is fear, itself.” This statement today should read, Fear is the only thing we need to fear. Because so many Americans live their lives in fear now, because of the brand of news they listen to, they feel the only way to act out to protest is with anger. After all, they’re only one level apart on the emotional tone scale. With fear being the lowest emotional tone above death, anger is just above fear, making it easy to move anyone already in a state of fear, up the tone scale to anger. It’s this action that is bringing on the violent activity by pulling these people into a more active emotion, anger.

Product DetailsThis is where the problem begins. Because the need for action now exists, it’s felt by more and more of this type of personality that they need to do something, and do it fast. While in a state of fear, the only action needed is to either, cower and protect, or become angry, and attack, to protect yourself or your loved ones. It’s basic primitive nature, and it’s all done under the disguise of protection. What is being failed to realize is the fact that we are not primitive organisms anymore and we should not be relying on primitive emotions, like fear and anger. This has led too many people to move their emotional tone level into antagonism where they’re taking action based on those emotions. this can be very dangerous.

Product DetailsThis is the crux of the problem right here; there are too many people who don’t know how to express their anger except for the ways in which they’ve been shown to, in the media of which they’re exposed to. The media most are exposed to comes in the form of movies, music, advertising, and now, Twitter, Facebook and all other social media, like this blog. This media gets mixed and stirred up inside us, with other media, like that which is in the news, and all of a sudden we’re mixing modern technology with primitive emotions and behavior. The results only appear to be appalling to our society, more-so than any previous atrocities committed against humanity. Now worse than appalling, they’re scary. The notion that any adult in America can own a gun and use it, regardless of training, emotional health, or knowledge of how to use, is scary. Very Scary!

These are the fact we need to examine:

  1. Our country was founded with violence with the gun.

    Until our freedom was recognized by England, we were all rebels, labeled as terrorists, in the British government

  2. It’s in our nation’s identity to own and use guns.

    This an identity that will forever be labeled on Americans. Our culture was built by the gun, lives by the gun and if we’re not careful, will die by the gun.

  3. Controlling guns and gun ownership are out of the question. (as far as I’m concerned)

    It’s insane to think that guns can be controlled in America. What patriot would be caught without a firearm? This leaves only one manner in which this problem can be controlled, QUELL THE ANGER.

  4. Anger and deranged minds are the other factors in this equation.

    If all anger and fear could be reduced, a dramatic reduction in violence would follow in its footsteps.

  5. The only valid and workable answer to this dilemma is to control the anger and deranging of minds

  6. To achieve the above requirement read Ultimate Cure for the World.

    You’ll not only find healing for your own pain, you’ll learn of a path for recovery for our whole society…and even for our species to advance into the future.

Disaster Survival – What are your priorities?

15723842-flames-and-smoke-of-a-bad-house-fire Disaster Survival

Disaster Survival

What are your priorities?

16347736-new-york--october-31-destroyed-homes-in-far-rockaway-after-hurricane-sandy-october-29-2012-in-new-yo Disaster Survival

In this world, these days, there is no particular time for the disasters to strike. The disaster survival kit is the best opportunity through which everyone and their family is afforded the opportunity to stay safe from natural hazards. Today’s  emergency kit has been designed from lighter weight, higher quality material, and involves clothing, first aid supplies, water, bedding, and some tools that are very necessary to survive for a long period.

The disaster survival kit gives you the best chance you have through which you can stay safe from the natural disasters like earthquakes, hurricanes(Sandy), wildfires, tornadoes, and keep in mind man made disasters like house fires, flooding from dam bursts, terrorist attacks, and God forbid, nuclear devastation whether it be from fallout or meltdown.

You can find disaster survival kits in several different varieties. When deciding on your survival kit for your family, the very first thing you  should consider are your needs. What are the first things you’ll be reaching for when you’re prohibited from going home or worse yet, you home is no longer there.

disaster-plan-puzzle-shows-danger-emergency-crisis-protection-disaster survival                                                                                        11180656-fountain-pen-lying-on--emergency-preparedness-checklist--form disaster survival

Put yourself in that situation for a minute and think of what you’re going to need. You know that you’re going to need water. Are you going to need Food? What about medicine? Shelter? Clothing? Blankets? Basic tools? What you need first is a plan of action. A plan of action to take effect whenever disaster strides. Everyone in your family should know this plan of action so everyone’s on the same page when it happens.

Both you and I know that nobody knows when disaster is going to strike. Natural or manmade disasters can happen at any time. You need to have enough basic provisions handy and ready to go should the need ever arise. Enough water, food, medicine, etc (this is where your list goes) to last for at least 3 days. Experts claim that this is a critical period everyone should be prepared for because most people are accounted for within that 3 day period in a majority of cases.

The emergency survival kit is a type of the disaster preparation. The kits are stored anywhere and automobile, office & home are places that you would like to keep the kit. The kits must have basic items to help survival with fire, shelter, food, water, as well as first aid. Flashlights, water, non- perishable food, matches, as well as tools are good gear.

The US government’s Fema website provides a list of in-home emergency kit items. The list focuses on the basics of survival: fresh water, food, clean air and materials to maintain body warmth. The recommended basic emergency kit items include:

NEW YORK, NY - NOVEMBER 09: Scenes of Hurricane Sandy's aftermath in the Breezy Point part of Far Rockawayon November 9, 2012 in the Queens borough of New York City.<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /> disaster survival

Natural disasters

  • Water, at least one gallon of water per person for each day for drinking & sanitation (should be rotated every 3 months)
  • Food, non-perishable food for at least three days which is not required to be cooked or refrigerated
  • Emergency food bars, preferably products with 2,400 or 3,600 calories and contain no coconut or tropical oils to which many people may have an allergic reaction, in addition to non-perishable food which does not require cooking or refrigeration
  • Battery- or hand-powered radio with the Weather band
  • LED type flashlight (battery- or hand-powered)
  • Extra batteries for anything needing them, lithium type is preferred for shelf life
  • First aid kit
  • Copies of any medical prescriptions
  • Whistle to signal
  • Dust mask, plastic sheeting and duct tape to shelter in place
  • Moist towelettes, garbage bags and plastic ties for personal sanitation
  • Wrench or pliers to turn off water valves
  • Can opener for canned food
  • Local maps
  • Spare keys for household & motor vehicles
  • Sturdy, comfortable shoes & lightweight raingear
  • Contact & meeting place information for the household


Below is list of commonly recommended items for an emergency earthquake kit:


For hurricanes, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) recommends that the ‘disaster bag‘ include:

  • A flashlight with spare batteries and
  • A battery operated portable radio (and spare batteries);
  • A battery operated NOAA weather radio (and spare batteries);
  • A “Self Powered Radio” and a “Self Powered Flashlight”. One, “Eton” model has the Weather Band and it is “self powered”. Some of these will keep your cell phone charged
  • First aid kit and manual;
  • Prescription medicines (be sure to refill them once they expire);
  • Cash and a credit card;
  • A cell phone with a fully charged spare battery;
  • Spare keys;
  • High energy non-perishable food;
  • One warm blanket or sleeping bag per person;
  • Special items for infant, elderly or disabled family members;
  • Change of clothing.

What goes in your kit depends entirely on your needs and the needs of your family. This is why you need to sit down and write out lists and a plan. Make  lists for the different types of disasters you might be caught in and make your kit(s) according to your list(s) . For each type of disaster plan your emergency response to that type of disaster. Prioritize. Make your lists according to what’s most important and what going to be needed more. Follow the suggestions above. Add on your own necessities and make sure they’re in your kit.

The thing is, you’ve got to do this if you haven’t already. You can’t wait until it’s too late. You’ve already taken the first step toward aiding your survival by reading this far. It’s up to you to follow through. You need to talk about this with family, & get them involved. Emergency preparedness for any disaster is vital to your family’s health and well being and should never be shrugged off. The more survival knowledge you can acquire, the better.

How to Profit from Disaster! is the new 21 page Employment Strategy Guide that shows you how to change your financial situation quickly and efficiently with minimal training when disaster strikes. disaster survival

disaster survival

Emergency Disaster Survival Basics

Emergency Disaster Survival Basics

How many times have you regretted not learning more about emergency disaster survival? From time to time we hear of catastrophic events and disasters in faraway places, but the news gets more and more unsettling the closer these tragedies get in proximity to where we live, as well as their increasing frequency. We operate on a daily basis mostly without worry of any major changes in our living quarters or environment. It would, in fact, be counterproductive to become unnecessarily preoccupied with a pessimistic view of the future possibilities of disaster. By the same token, it is a big risk not making any advance preparation for. To be without any emergency survival basics could be life-threatening.

Homeless girl searches for ways of a survival on a city dump. emergency survival

In this modern era, our survival is weighted most heavily toward how we fare in the workplace and our ability to bring home a paycheck. We rely on society’s highly interdependent, evolved system of specialization. Drawing upon each of the various components as needed brings us enhanced utility with added convenience to boot.

As opposed to earlier civilizations, we trade for and gather from an ever-increasing base of available goods and services that have the deceptive appearance of being infinite in supply. It’s easy to think that these basic supplies are always going to be available when you can walk into any store and find all that anyone would ever need. But, what if you can’t get to that store? Do you have enough food and water stored up to last you until you can get to a store? How long can you last if you’re put in that situation?

When disaster strikes, you have nobody to rely on but yourself, and your survival is no longer considered to be a “hobby.” Your forethought, preparation, and careful planning will dramatically increase your chances for survival. You will be thankful for your own advance consideration of a variety of possible future disasters. This may even include things such as unemployment or underemployment.

The first thing you need to do is to sit down with your spouse and start making out lists and a plan. You’ll need lists of everything you’ll need to survive a disaster like food and water, medication, and medical supplies, clothing, and blankets, equipment, and tools.

What food are you going to want to keep in your emergency survival kit? You need food sealed in airtight packages that don’t need to be refrigerated. You’ll want enough to feed your family for a minimum of 3 days or 72 hours. Keep that in mind when you consider how much water you’ll want to store away. Also, keep that 72-hour threshold in mind when you make up a list of clothing and blankets. Experts advise keeping a tool and equipment kit with the necessary tools you’ll need for a camping trip. Make out a separate list of your medications, medical supplies you’ll need and directives if you’re under the care of a doctor.

After you’ve made out your lists, you’ll need to come up with a plan of where you should meet up as a family(if necessary), who’s going to get the kids from school, where you should go depending on your circumstances and what you should do. These decisions are going to depend on the type of disaster as much as your needs. For example, evacuation from a wildfire is going to create a different scenario than that of an earthquake or a flood. You won’t be able to meet up in the same place, and you may need different supplies or equipment. More and more people are packing more than one kit for the different types of disasters that they may be susceptible to.

You’ll want to get your family together and go over your plan and lists, make any adjustments after their input the get started putting together the supplies, equipment, and gear that you’ll be needing when that time comes. Most importantly, you’ll want to do this as soon as possible if not sooner because you never know when disaster is going to strike and your only guarantee to survive it is through preparation.

To Be Fully Prepared for Emergency Disaster Survival, We Recommend The Following:

Emergency Disaster Survival
This may be a bit antiquated, but it’s truer now than it was during Obama’s administration. Are you drowning in Debt? Don’t have enough to stretch to next week? Are you buried in a quagmire of not enough funds to even buy groceries? You need this!
Emergency Disaster Survival
AN INTRIGUING COMBINATION BOOK: The first 100 pages, many of them illustrated, tell you how to be ready, cheaply, to provide light and warmth, shelter, food, and water for your family. The last 165 pages, in the novel Neighbors, tell the story of a small group of homeowners, one of whom is a “prepper,” and the rest are simply not ready for trouble. They all have trouble even though they aren’t directly hit by weather disasters on both coasts.



Survival in today’s world can be one of the most demanding and challenging issues that we face as humans!

 : The big problems of the homeless beggar. survival

Survival challenges us through many different issues such as child abuse, sexual abuse, birth, death, job loss, health problems, low self-esteem, relationship ups and downs, parenting, deceptions, breakdowns, poverty, natural disasters, education, addictions and even our own desires to be strong.

Survival comes in little packages and it comes in enormous boxes. It appears when we least expect it, never letting us prepare for the battle. It hides around corners, waiting to pounce on us. It is constantly testing our inner powers and strength.

To live is to survive and without survival, you have no life. Survival is a choice. If you choose to survive, you must fight hard. If you choose to not survive, you will die. Simple!

Survival will change who you are many times. How you deal with your challenge and how drastic the challenge is will determine how much of yourself you manage to keep safe.

A couple of common phrases that we run into many times in our day is, “Only the strong survive” and, “What does not kill us will only make us stronger”. These are very good survival attitudes to practice. We need to be strong to survive. It takes pure GUTS to survive and move forward in any situation. It takes having total control of your thoughts, which is one of your best weapons in the battle of survival. It demands consistent striving to reach your goals, stopping at nothing to meet your destiny.

I emphasize the importance of strength when battling the war of survival.

 To be strong is:

It's my city, vector illustration for your design Stock Photo

to be able to stand your ground and hold onto your inner beliefs, which will be your best strategy to win the game.

to be born into the survival game without knowledge or understanding of the rules, and still overcome all the obstacles.

to be able to clean the skeletons out of your closet that has been haunting you from your past.

to take control of your life and deal with the monsters, whether it be through telling a story or confronting the monster face to face.

to be able to look back at the reasons for your pain and suffering and wave at it as if it were just a car going by.

to be able to smile at a happy memory of a loved one that was taken from you without reason.

to be able to say NO to drugs and misuse of alcohol.

to be able to forgive, forget and let the waters flow under the bridge.
to feel physical pain every minute you are awake, yet be able to smile and ease that pain with positive thoughts.

to look in the mirror and know you are the best, and to believe who you are.

to let go of hate and resentment, when your heart has been deceived or broken.

to push forward when all the negative forces feel like they are pushing you backward.

to continue tearing down walls of negative thinking, and replace them with positive openness.

to open your heart to another after it was forced to close.

to keep searching for answers to a better you, even when all you want to do is quit.

to look to tomorrow for the sunshine, when the rain refuses to stop.

to give birth to a child, and raise him/her with love and respect.

to embrace growing old and never regretting it.

to study hard and achieve all the knowledge that the world has to offer you.

to not allow the material world to confuse you as to what is really important in life
to be a hugger, not a judger.

to smile when you want to cry.

to Live, Love, and Laugh.


“We are driven by five genetic needs: survival, love and belonging, power, freedom, and fun.”

William Glasser

“Love and kindness are the very basis of society. If we lose these feelings, society will face tremendous difficulties; the survival of humanity will be endangered.”

Dalai Lama

Always Remember that Preparation Is The Key To Survival 
Homeless tramp.survival

It's my city, vector illustration for your design survival









Always remember survival starts with what you eat. What you’re eating has more influence on your survival than anything else. That why you need to heed the feed from a book in blue, below.

Basic Warning of Tainted Food:

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Extended Details of Tainted Food:

tainted food story for state of the union address
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Full Details of Tainted Food:

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Earthquake Preparedness and Survival Tips

Your Pre-Emergency Guide to Survival

Earthquakes are one of the scariest types of natural disasters. For all of the technology and equipment, we have these days, there is still no real advance warning system for an earthquake. They can happen at any moment with devastating results. For this very important reason to have an earthquake preparedness plan and a stock of survival supplies for your family.

 the Great East Japan Earthquake emergency survival preparedness

I live in an earthquake-prone area, near the Seattle area and have been through a couple of earthquakes since I’ve lived here. The most terrifying was on February 28th, 2001. We were hit with a magnitude 6.8 earthquake. By the grace of God it was about 30 miles below the surface, otherwise, the damage would have been a whole lot worse than it was.  It hit so suddenly that I really didn’t have much time to think of what I should be doing. I just went into survival mode and held on to the nearest fixed object.

 : Hurricane earthquake disaster damage ruined house emergency survival preparedness

After the shaking stopped it was pandemonium… traffic jams because everyone was trying to get home, all phone circuits were jammed (including cell phones), some buildings had damage and people were in fear of aftershocks. Another big fear was that the quake or aftershocks may have set off Mt. Rainier, which could be a far worse disaster than the 1980 eruption of Mt. Saint Helen. Almost everything turned out to be OK from the 2001 quake… buildings were repaired and retrofitted to better withstand earthquake damage and fortunately, to my knowledge, I don’t recall any lives being lost. I think a lot of this had to do with the fact that quite a few people were prepared for this emergency. I know that most of my friends were prepared by keeping emergency survival kits available


There are fault lines in almost every part of the world. If you pay attention to any kind of media whether it be TV, internet, or printed media you’ll remember the January 2010 earthquake in Haiti. It was a magnitude 7.0 and wreaked havoc and devastation through this poor country. An estimated 316,000 people lost their lives, another 300,000 were injured, and over 1,000,000 people were made homeless because of this disaster. The majority of the world jumped into action providing emergency aid and relief efforts in the form of food, drinking water and temporary shelter for the victims of this disaster.

This really drives home the point of just how important it is to have a stockpile of emergency supplies stored away for your family. Even with the world’s best efforts, people still went hungry, thirsty and without clothes or blankets because relief efforts take time. They have to take care of the neediest people first, and it takes a long time to get to everybody else. If this were to happen on a large scale in the USA, you would want to have your own store of supplies on hand so you don’t have to depend on anyone else to feed your family.

I feel that in this country we take these things for granted. Simple things like a sufficient food source, clean drinking water, basic first aid supplies, electricity, and fuel… the list goes on and on. We have become spoiled, and when a large-scale natural disaster happens, the majority of people will be completely blindsided and unprepared. The goal of this article and this website as a whole is to arm you and your family with the knowledge that can help you through an earthquake scenario. Please take the time to read it and put some of these principles into practice. Then make sure you have the proper supplies on hand to be prepared for any type of emergency situation.

What is an earthquake and what causes them?

 : Christchurch, New Zealand, September 4 2010: Crack in road from Earthquake by Avon River emergency survival preparednessMost of us know that the Earth is made up of independent plates that sit against one another. The point where the blocks of earth meet are called “faults”. When the 2 blocks of earth slip and move past one another, this is what we call an earthquake. In an earthquake, there is a hypo-center and an epicenter. The hypo-center is the underground point where the earthquake started. The epicenter is the point on the surface directly above the hypocenter. When scientists determine where an earthquake started they normally refer to the epicenter. The Earth is in constant motion and small earthquakes are happening beneath the surface every day. We don’t feel them because they are minor, and most are deep in the Earth’s Mantle. It’s when a large slip occurs, especially when they are close to the surface, that we feel the earthquakes that can be so devastating. Earthquakes can have fore-shocks that occur before the main shock, which is the main earthquake that we experience and it always has aftershocks (small earthquakes in the same place where the main shock occurred) which can last for days, months and even years after the mainshock!

The top 2 layers of the Earth’s surface are the Crust and the Mantle. The Crust is on the very surface and the Mantle is underneath the Crust. The Crust and the top portion of the Mantle are broken up into “puzzle pieces” that are constantly moving (very, very slowly). Where each plate meets is called the “plate boundary” and each plate boundary has many faults. Most earthquakes around the world will occur at these fault lines. The edges of the faults are rough and get stuck together while the blocks of earth underneath are moving against each other. When the blocks (plates) underneath have moved enough and have stored up enough energy the faults will break and the plates will slip and move past each other very suddenly which causes the earthquakes as we know them. When all that energy is released it races outward in all directions from the center of the earthquake in a rippling effect that we call seismic waves. The seismic waves can literally make solid earth ripple like a wave of liquid.

How do we record earthquakes? Can they be predicted?

The main instrument used in recording earthquakes is the seismograph. It has a base that is rooted in the ground and a free hanging weight with a pen attached to it that hangs above a rotating drum on the base. It shows how much the earth has moved with each tremor. A somewhat steady line that doesn’t move up and down much indicates a weak earthquake. A line that has long ups and downs indicates a strong earthquake. The size of an earthquake is designated by it’s “magnitude”, but then, most of this is fourth-grade geology, as I’m sure you realize.

There are 2 types of ground waves associated with an earthquake. There are P (primary) waves and S (secondary) waves. P waves typically move through the ground horizontally and travel much faster than S waves. S waves move up and down and cause the shaking that resembles a liquid wave. S waves travel slower than P waves. Measuring the 2 different types of waves helps scientists figure out where the earthquake originated. If the P and S waves come close together, you are close to the epicenter. If the P waves come and the S waves don’t show up until a bit later, you are farther from the epicenter. The farther apart the P and S waves are, the farther you are from the epicenter.

In addition to measuring the P and S waves, scientists use a method called “triangulation” to locate the exact location of the epicenter. This method requires 3 different seismographs in 3 different locations. Each location will use the P and S waves to determine how far away they are from the earthquake. Once they know how far away they are they will draw a radius circle on a map. Once the data is compared with the other seismographs and they have at least 3 radius circles on the map, they can look at the point where all 3 circles intersect and determine that this point is the epicenter of the earthquake.

Earthquakes cannot be predicted. Some people will tell you that certain weather patterns will precede an earthquake. This has never been proven or quantified. You may also hear that animals have some sort of “6th sense” where they sense the earthquake before it happens. This one may have some validity as animals are much more sensitive than we are…so maybe they can feel vibrations before we can, or maybe they can hear subsonic or supersonic sound waves coming from the earth that we can’t hear. Again, we have no way to prove this, but I can see this one being plausible. There are tons of theories out there about prediction, but they are theories at best. We can’t predict earthquakes and we don’t anticipate being able to at this point in time.

Earthquake preparedness. What to do before, during and after an earthquake:

There are so many variables to earthquakes that make it tough to give a complete list of everything you should do. This is a very general list of solid recommendations to prepare your family as best as possible.

Before an earthquake:

Have a plan! This should be priority #1 with any disaster situation. Make a plan, go over it with your family and practice it at least twice per year. Make sure kids know how to dial 911. Teach family members how to shut off gas and water lines. Have a communication plan if the family is separated. Designate a friend or relative who doesn’t live in your area as a common contact person and teach your kids how to contact this person. Often it’s easier to dial long distance in a disaster situation.

Check your home for hazards. Inside water and gas lines should be flexible. Shelves should be securely fastened to walls. Keep breakables as low as possible in secure cabinets with latches. Heavy items such as pictures or mirrors should not be hung over beds or couches, or in any common areas where people lay or sit. Strap your water heater to the wall studs or bolt it to the ground. Check your foundation and ceiling for deep cracks and call in a professional if you need to. Fix any deep cracks immediately. Make sure your electrical wiring and gas lines aren’t defective and likely to be fire hazards. Store any flammable items or containers low to the ground in a secure cabinet with a latch.

Identify safe places to be.

Safe places indoors are against an inside wall, under sturdy furniture such as a table or desk and away from glass (windows or mirrors) or heavy furniture that may topple over. If you are outside, try to get to an open area away from buildings, electrical or phone lines, overpasses on expressways.

Have disaster supplies stored and ready to go.

A bit further in this article, you will find a more detailed list of emergency survival supplies to keep on hand. Since these types of disasters can happen anytime without warning, it’s very important to have your emergency supplies stocked at all times. Share your knowledge with others. Talk to friends, family members or anybody in your community who will listen. Many lives can be saved by being prepared ahead of time.

During an earthquake:

If you are indoors:

  1.  Drop, Cover and Hold On! Drop to the ground right away. If you can get under a sturdy, heavy piece of furniture, do so and cover your head. If you can’t get under a sturdy piece of furniture, crouch down in an inside corner of the building away from glass (windows and mirrors).
  2. Stay away from anything that can fall or topple over. Stay clear of breakables such as anything made of glass.
  3. If you are in bed just stay there. Cover your head with a pillow and wait for the shaking to stop. You may consider moving under the bed if you are underneath a heavy light fixture, picture or mirror that may fall on you.
  4. If you are near a doorway and want to use it for shelter, just make sure you know it’s a sturdy, load-bearing door before you use it.
  5. Stay inside and wait for the shaking to stop. Only move outside after the shaking stops and you’re sure it’s safe to move. Most injuries occur when people try to move around or get outside when it’s not safe to do so.
  6. Be aware that sprinkler systems will probably come on, fire alarms will probably be going off and power will most likely be out.
  7. Do not try and use elevators!

If you are outdoors:

  1. Stay outside! If you can, get to an open area that is away from buildings, electrical or phone wires and poles and basically anything that could come crashing down.
  2. Once you’re in the open, just stay put until the shaking stops. Most injuries and fatalities occur when people try and run out of a building, or near a building and get hit by falling debris. Stay away from exits and exterior walls. Watch for flying glass, flying debris or collapsing walls (most likely to be the exterior walls).
  3. If you are in a vehicle
  4. Stop as fast as you safely can. Do not leave your vehicle. Avoid stopping by buildings, trees, electrical and phone wires or poles. Also stay away from overpasses, bridges, and expressways if possible.
  5. Once the shaking is done, proceed with caution. Try to avoid any bridges, overpasses, damaged roads or ramps. They may have been weakened by the earthquake.
  6. If you are pinned under debris:
  7. Stay still. If you move around you may kick up dust.
  8. Try to cover your mouth. You can use your clothing if you’re able to.
  9. Try to make noise without yelling. If you’re near a pipe, bang on it. If you happen to have a whistle, blow it. Yell only as a last resort because when you yell you may inhale any harmful dust.
  10. Don’t use anything that makes fire or has a spark. This includes lighters, matches and electrical devices. There are most likely broken gas pipes or ruptured containers containing flammable substances.

After an earthquake:

Be ready for aftershocks. They are usually weaker than the mainshock, but can still be strong enough to do more damage, especially if a building or structure has already been weakened. Aftershocks can come in the following hours, days, weeks, months and even years after the main earthquake!

Find a way to listen to the latest emergency information. Use a battery operated radio or TV…or a self-charging unit. Many emergency flashlights we have available include a radio and cell phone charger and don’t require batteries. You simply squeeze them or hand crank them to charge them.

Try to limit your phone calls to emergency calls only. Everybody tries to use the phone after this type of event and circuits get jammed. Try not to contribute to the problem unless it’s an absolute emergency. If you have designated an out of state friend or relative for your family to contact, you may have better luck making an out of area long distance call. Those circuits may be open.

Be alert when opening closet and cabinet doors. Things may have shifted and may tumble out when you open the door. Be especially careful if the cabinet has flammables, glass or anything heavy in it. If anything spilled, clean it up quickly. This especially applies to flammable liquids or chemicals such as bleach or pesticides. If you smell fumes (such as natural gas) in the air, just leave the area as quickly as you can. Don’t go near areas that have been damaged unless specifically asked to do so by emergency personnel.

If it’s safe to do so, help anybody who is injured. This especially applies to any of your neighbors who are elderly, have young children or anyone who may be disabled. If you can, give first aid. If someone is seriously injured, don’t attempt to move them unless they are subject to further immediate danger. Call for professional help.

Have your utilities and house inspected:

Gas leaks: If you smell natural gas, or hear a whistling or hissing, open a window and get out of there! Get away from the building and call the gas company or 911. Use a neighbor’s phone if you need to. If you can, turn off the gas at the main valve. Just remember that if you do this, it must be turned back on by a professional.

Electrical system: If you smell burning or hot insulation, or notice broken, frayed or sparking wires, call an electrician immediately. If it’s safe to do so go to the main circuit breaker and shut the power off. Be aware of water on the ground. If there is electricity near water on the floor you may get shocked when you step in the water.

Water lines and sewage: This is why it’s so important to have a store of emergency water on hand. If you even suspect the water or sewer lines are damaged, call the water company and a plumber to come out. Avoid using the toilets. Don’t use any tap water until the lines have been checked.

Earthquake Emergency Supplies to have on hand:

In most emergency disaster situations, you can plan on being without power for some time. Plan on being without power for days, maybe even weeks depending on the severity of the disaster. If you have natural gas, be prepared for that to be off as well. I recommend keeping an emergency supply of survival items stored in your home. I also recommend keeping a survival kit or survival backpack in your car. Below is a list of items that all homes should set aside for emergency disaster situations. If you have a designated safe room or storm shelter, keep your survival supplies there. Another good strategy is to have multiple supply stocks in different areas of your home just in case you aren’t able to make it to your designated safe area.


All in one earthquake kit or earthquake backpack: These are great for home, office and especially to keep in your car. My favorites are the backpacks that are usually made for either 2 or 4 people. Most survival backpacks will have enough supplies to last each person for 2 to 3 days. They normally include emergency food supplies, emergency water, first aid, emergency blankets and ponchos, light sticks, fire starters and more. Since it’s all conveniently packed in a backpack you can literally take it with you anywhere you go.


Emergency food supplies: Gone are the days of super salty, nasty tasting MRE meals. Food technology has come a long way and today we have freeze dried foods and dehydrated foods. Our recommendation is freeze-dried foods. These are normally fully cooked meals that are flash frozen. They flash freeze the meal and then use vacuum technology to remove any remaining oxygen. Some high-end companies such as Mountain House will also use a process called “nitrogen flushing” where they use nitrogen to remove even more oxygen, allowing the shelf life of the product to be considerably longer. Freeze dried meals will usually have a 5-year shelf life, some even going up to 25 years. All you have to do is add hot water, wait a few minutes and enjoy! It’s recommended to keep at least one week’s worth of food stored for each person in your household. Be aware of expiration dates on your emergency food supply and rotate your stock accordingly.


Emergency water: Emergency food and water are the two most important things to have on hand, besides first aid. But water is actually more important than food. You can go much longer without food than water. It’s important to keep a separate store of water on hand just in case the public water pipes are damaged, broken or if your public water supply becomes contaminated. Another reason to keep your own water on hand is just in case you become trapped in your safe area and can’t get to your kitchen, bathroom or other public water supply. It’s recommended to have one weeks worth of water on hand. I recommend one gallon per person, per day. If you have a sealed water store, such as packaged water or a sealed 55-gallon barrel, a lot of those solutions can stay drinkable up to 5 years. If you’re just storing bottled water with a screw on cap, I recommend cycling your water supply every 6 months. I also recommend having a water purification system on hand just in case you have to use questionable drinking water. Whether it’s iodine tablets or a top notch filter (preferably both), I recommend having some sort of water purification on hand.


Emergency first aid kit: I recommend to get a kit that already has everything put together for you. Not only will it have a good variety of first aid supplies, it will also be packed in one neat package which will save you storage space. Most first aid kits also include emergency first aid instructions such as CPR and other lifesaving techniques. You’ll want to make sure your kit includes the basics such as band-aids, bandages, tape, burn gel, alcohol wipes, aspirin or other pain reliever and a cold pack just to name a few items.


Emergency lighting and power: For your home, there are really cool emergency flashlights that will double as a nightlight. You keep them plugged into your wall sockets and they will act as a nightlight. If the power goes out, they kick on like a bright flashlight that you can just grab out of the wall socket. They usually last for around 8 hours or so on the internal batteries. I also recommend stocking flashlights that don’t use batteries. My personal favorite is the easy squeeze flashlight because it’s a lot easier than hand cranking. The hand crank flashlights are still a great product as well and now many of them have a built-in radio and cell phone charger. Light sticks are an invaluable survival tool for disaster scenarios. They are safe to use if you have a gas leak since they don’t emit heat or sparks of any kind. Most of them also last for at least 8 hours or more. They also help to signal for help, especially the colored light sticks such as red or blue. Those colors really stand out in the dark and will be very easy for rescuers to see. For emergency power, I recommend portable solar panels. They come in different sizes and different power outputs. The bigger units can power just about any device such as laptops and cell phones, and some can even jump start a car. The smaller units are usually just good for small devices like cell phones and handheld GPS units. No matter which one you choose, they can be a lifesaver when the power is out for an extended period of time.


Portable camping stoves: The first thing to remember with portable camping stoves is that they use propane so do not use them indoors or if you think there is a gas leak nearby! The exhaust fumes can build up indoors and could possibly be fatal. They can really be a lifesaver when power and natural gas are out. You can cook your food, boil drinking water and use them as a fire starter or heat source if you need to. All of the units we feature have electric ignition so you don’t need matches. They also feature side panels to block the burners from the wind. My site features units from a very portable one burner stove all the way up to a 3 burner stove (still very portable). They are very affordable and will last you for years to come.


Survival knives and tools: I recommend carrying a knife with you at ALL times. This is by far the handiest survival tool you’ll want to have with you. Many of the survival knives today serve multiple purposes. They can be used to cut, saw, hammer, smash and more. Most feature high carbon stainless steel blades so the blade will be very strong and will stay sharp for a long time.


Other survival tools to have on hand include rope, duct tape, multi-tool, hatchet, fishing line and hooks, fire starter, fire tinder, emergency blankets, emergency ponchos, dust masks and the list can go on and on. There is a multitude of survival tools out there. The items previously listed are the very basics that every kit should include.


Keeping all of this in mind will enable to you help your family survive most earthquake disasters and give them a much better chance of staying alive. Keeping several emergency survival kits available when disaster strikes will give them an even better chance.

Remember, Preparation Starts With Education. To Better Prepare Yourself And Your Family:



Economic Collapse Survival Quiz For Survivalists

Economic Collapse Survival Quiz For Survivalists & Preppers

It may help to be a “Doomsday Prepper”…but survival in today’s world doesn’t require you to be one, to see that America might be headed for some really rough times, so learning how to prepare for an economic collapse makes sense. Taking the following quiz will tell you how you measure up.

Handsome but threatening-looking man sitting in a plastic chair under a magnolia tree holding the old family shotgun. survival
Your Survival Master Plan

1) What is it called if the aggregate inflation rate hits 100% for three years?

2) Name at least one country that has experienced a cumulative inflation rate of 100% in the last 100 years.

3) What currency is best to have during an economic collapse?

4) What’s the greatest cause of food riots during an economic collapse?

5) When public services and utilities are impacted by economic collapse, what are the biggest concerns?

6) What is the best way to pack dry foods in your food storage so that their shelf life is lengthened?

7) How long can wheat, oats, and other dry foods last in your food storage and still be good?

8) How much Chlorine is needed to purify a gallon of water?

9) Is water caught from your downspouts off the roof safe to drink?

10) What is the best way to cook if there is a power outage and you have an electric stove?


1) A cumulative inflation rate of 100% for three years is considered hyperinflation.

2) Between June 1921 and January 1924, Germany or the Weimar Republic is considered the greatest example of hyperinflation, although Zimbabwe in 2008 & 2009, Argentina in the 1980s, and Russia in earliest days of the Bolshevik Revolution from November 1917  to January 1924 are other good examples

3) Precious metals and stable foreign currencies (like the Swiss Franc, which is regarded as one of the most stable).

4) The biggest causes are panic and supply chain issues. It’s almost never caused by actual food shortages in a country, but rather on distribution problems and a “run” on the stores.

5) Repairs and maintenance get put off and this causes breakdowns and power outages to make utilities much less reliable.

6) In vacuum sealed Mylar food storage bags.

7) When sealed as mentioned above, the shelf life is up to 20 years.

8) To purify water, at least 16 drops per gallon, unless the water has turned cloudy or the chlorine is old.

9) If you have asphalt shingles, No. Rainwater running off an asphalt shingled roof is contaminated. If your roof is a tile roof you may need to filter the water before you can drink it.

10) Barbecue grills or a propane camping cook stoves, if you have one, are great for cooking. If not, you may have to build a campfire and use a steel grate to set your pots and pans on.

If you scored at least 8 points, then you are learning how to prepare for survival from an economic collapse, and you may have what it takes to become a real survivalist.

Survivalists Corner:

Your Survival Master Plan asks,
are you as secure as you want to be?

Preparedness For Emergency – Survival Kits Are Essential For Your Family’s Protection

Preparedness For Emergency – Survival Kits Are Essential For Your Family’s Protection

I don’t know about you, but my family’s safety comes first. With that in consideration, one of our #1 responsibilities’ as parents is to protect our families’ survival! This is why Survival Kits are so important and a must have for everyone’s home…

A couple of parents protect a child from a rain storm of risk with a secure safety umbrella. emergency survival preparedness

There is no particular time for the disasters to strike. The survival kit can be life and death which can help you survive natural calamities like earthquakes, hurricanes, fires, and man-made disasters such as terrorist attack. You’re ahead of the game if you are ready to take matters into your own hands and refuse to wait for the government to rescue you and your family.

Most survival packs come in a variety of types and sizes, and contain supplies, equipment and tools to provide a person or family with basic food, water, shelter and protection against the elements to keep them alive at a time when it’s very very difficult, at the very least, or outright impossible, to obtain these life-sustaining staples. Besides, the food and water that comes in these kits, they usually come with basic emergency blankets to you keep warm, survival tools and equipment and emergency first aid kits. Today, a survival kit is the best opportunity in which people and their families can stay safe from natural or man-made disasters.

Many people won’t bother to purchase an emergency survival kit, and take for granted the precious resources that we are privileged to have on a daily basis. We all want to prepare for retirement, college for our children and to have a better life, but we don’t prepare for emergency situations that could end up being life or death. Regardless of where you may live or work, or the circumstances that surround your lives, it’s wise for anyone to keep a survival kit handy so you can prevail in the event an emergency should occur.

Emergency Packs need to be designed with quality material, which involves clothing, first aid supplies, water, bedding, and some tools that are very necessary to survive for a long period of time. Take a look around at the things that you use every day to survive that might no longer be available in a prolonged crisis; electricity, warmth, medicines, and food. We are so used to just being able to reach into the fridge when we are hungry that it seems that a catastrophic situation could never happen to us. Survival dictates that we change this attitude and make it our individual responsibility to keep some emergency essentials in the form of a survival kit handy for those emergencies. Think of emergency supplies as insurance, you may not use them every day, but if a disaster or emergency takes you by surprise, it could mean the difference between life and death.

Remember, like a Boy Scout, “Be Prepared”…Not Surprised.

Emergencies demand preparation!                                                                       Are You Prepared?

Your Survival Masterplan
Stansport Deluxe Emergency Preparedness Kit

Tips In Self-Survival Emergency Preparedness

Tips For Self-Survival Emergency Preparedness

 : NEW YORK - October 31: Homes sit smoldering after Hurricane Sandy on October 30; 2012 in the Far Rockaway area . Over 50 homes were reportedly destroyed in a fire during the storm on October 30; 2012 in New York City; NY emergency preparedness
Patriots for Only! You can’t handle this if you’re not a patriot.
fountain pen lying on ' Emergency Preparedness Checklist ' form
Patriots only need check this list.

If you’ve ever experienced an emergency then you know that it’s something that strikes when you’re not expecting it. Too many times it’s this way when disaster strikes. Many catastrophic events will never make their presence known by ringing your doorbell before they invade your peaceful abode and strike you down. Instead, they will catch you off guard and in no time render your life to pieces. This is why emergency preparedness is so important. It is critical that we adopt a survival attitude and work towards preparing ourselves for any contingency.

The investment you make in time and effort, today, will help you and your family whenever a real disaster strikes. In life and death situations, it is almost impossible to think rationally and sometimes downright impossible to gather supplies at the very last minute. Unless you’ve been through it many times, your actions are little more than reactions and when you react you usually don’t have time to think. You only have time to react. In a crisis situation, every second count. This is why it’s so important to be prepared. All you old scouts know this. The better prepared you are, the greater your chances are for survival.

The first and foremost tip for any survivalist is to sit down and make a list of necessities, actions, and precautions to be laid out as a guide and shared with your family so everyone is on the same page when they need to be. This guide is your first step towards preparing yourselves for an emergency or disaster hits. The tips, guides, and how-to manuals within this site can provide you with a crucial insight into what may happen when you’re put in a situation that threatens you and your family’s safety and security.

Making your lists:

  1. You should make a list of everything you’ll need, like food and water, toiletries, flashlights, radio, blankets, rain gear, etc. This list will depend on where your family is going to go or are evacuated to after you meet up with them, which brings is to the next list.
  2. What you should do. Decide on a meeting place because more than likely your family won’t be together when it strikes and everyone should know where to go to meet up with the rest of the family when the time comes. Depending on the disaster that hits, your meeting places may be different. If a flood a flash fire all of a sudden arises, you probably won’t want to meet out in the yard so chose a  central location that everyone in the family can get to easily and quickly. In case of fire in the house, you’ll want to meet outside the house. In case of a wildfire outside the house, you may want to meet inside the house to plan your escape from the wildfire. his may or may not work if the disaster is an earthquake. That will depend on the size of the earthquake.  If finding shelter in a central room in your house is not possible, you may want to meet in a location away from any falling debris which may be in your yard. Statistical studies of earthquake deaths show most injuries/deaths occur due to falling objects, not structures so duck and cover are still regarded as a better option for survival during an earthquake. But you still need a place to meet as soon as possible right after the quake so this should be your third list,
  3. Places to meet – in case of. In case you all not at home where should you meet and in what kind of time frame? Things to do in case of. You should prepare your family for different disasters, where you will meet if caught in a house fire. or a wildfire, a flood, earthquake, hurricane, tornado, etc. You should have a plan for each disaster and this brings us to our next list.
  4. Precautions. This is a list of what you shouldn’t do. The number one thing on this list is to not panic. Panic is the worst thing you can do in any circumstance. It accomplishes nothing but proving that you can give into fear. This is why the meeting place is so important. If you have something to do you don’t have time to panic. On this list should also be what you should beware of like downed power lines, broken glass, broken gas lines, flooding basements, more debris that can still fall, etc.

Your lists should also be contingent on what time of the day the disaster strikes as some will be in school or at work in which case you’ll have to determine not only where but when you’ll need to meet up or even if it will be possible. If you live a good distance from where you work, you may find it impossible to even get home simply because of traffic jams. This is when it’s important to have contingent or alternative plans, and everyone in the family should be aware of these as well.

After making your lists, you should start preparing an emergency preparedness survival plan and survival kits including bug out bags. The kits should contain everything from a first aid kit, flashlight, radio,  poncho or rain gear, blankets and means to start a campfire if necessary, something to cook on, bedding and anything else that you know you’ll need. There are several excellent videos on these pages that will show you how to construct a fire starter kit in case you’re in the wilderness or without utilities. A very good way to prepare for your survival preparedness is while you’re camping because you’ll be using a lot of the same equipment for survival that you use for camping. You may even want to use the same gear for your bug out bags.

After developing an emergency preparedness plan and packing the whole kit in an organized manner, it is also important to stock adequate supplies of food and water. This should be done sooner rather than later because you never know when disaster is going to strike. About a month’s supply of food and water for each one in the family should be stored. Water should be #1 on your list. Not beverages or juice but water. Many beverages can dehydrate the body so don’t worry about the soda’s, coffee and juices. Concentrate on the water to keep your family from being thirsty. A good Emergency Preparedness Kit is essential for the first few day of a week after the disaster strikes. This could be all that stands between your family’s life and death.

Last but not the least, you and your family should practice the plan in the form of drills. This is the best way to avoid panic during an emergency. You and your family should also take note of possible escape routes, contact numbers, and everything important for survival. Every member of your family should take pains perfecting the drill as soon as the survival plan is laid out. Nothing may be more important to your family’s safety and security than following through on what’s been outlined here. It’s my sincere wish that you’ll never have to use this information, but you’re much better off knowing it and not needing it than you’ll ever be if you need it and don’t know it.

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Emergencies Demand Preparation!                                                                              Are You Prepared?

emergency preparedness
A crisis as such demands emergency preparedness and if you’re not prepared, you’ll be dead soon if you aren’t yet. Are You Prepared?
emergency preparedness
Is your emergency preparedness up to date, and ready for any emergency? Where’s your survival kit?