The Essential Hurricane Emergency Survival Kit and Emergency Preparedness Kit Necessities

Maintaining a constant state of awareness is always the best policy when it comes to your safety. Natural disasters can occur at any time, and you need to be prepared for that. However, in order to react to a threat, …

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Preparedness For Emergency – Survival Kits Are Essential For Your Family’s Protection

I don’t know about you, but my family’s safety comes first. With that in consideration, one of our #1 responsibilities’ as parents is to protect our families’ survival! This is why Survival Kits are so important and a must have …

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What do you fear? What scares you more than anything else? What shakes your foundation down to the bone? Do you know why it scares you? Have you rationalized your fear or simply justified it? Have you ever …

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Fear – The Pervasion of Fear in Our Society and How It’s Used For Political Gain

gallery-thumbnailsAnger and Fear, a deadly combination!

Always overlooked as a reason for why mass shootings take place is something that only a few educated men want to suspect. It seems that the real reason mass shootings take place is because

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Basic Item List for Emergency Preparedness

When you think of emergency preparedness, there are a few things that immediately should cross your mind. Most common of these things are the different types of emergency kits available like 72 hour emergency survival kits, first aid

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Disaster Survival – What are your priorities?


In this world, these days, there is no particular time for the disasters to strike. The disaster survival kit is the best opportunity through which everyone and their family is afforded the opportunity to stay safe from natural hazards. Today’s  …

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Survival and Emergency Basics

From time to time we hear of catastrophic events and disasters in far away places, but the news gets more and more unsettling the closer these tragedies get in proximity to where we live, as well as their increasing frequency. …

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Emergency Preparedness Survival Kits

There are many different types of emergency kits available to the general public. In fact, emergency preparedness is such a general term that it really doesn’t even give a clear picture of what any particular individual kit is actually for. …

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Emergency Essentials

If you are planning on a life in the woods hiding out from civilization, then survival in the wilderness is something that requires a lot of training. But survival for those lost backpacking or hunting or in a plane crash …

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Survival can be one of the most demanding and challenging issues that we face as humans!

 : The big problems of the homeless beggar. Stock Photo

Survival challenges us through many different issues such as: child abuse, sexual abuse, birth, death, job loss, health problems, low self-esteem, relationship ups and …

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Earthquake Preparedness and Survival Tips

Earthquakes are one of the scariest types of natural disasters. For all of the technology and equipment we have these days, there is still no real advance warning system for an earthquake. They can happen at any moment with devastating …

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